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Hmong village children

Our slowboat that we took for 2 days

My appetizer last night...With booze of course

Well we have now left the beautiful city of Luang Prabang and took a 6 hour road trip down the windiest road I have ever encountered. It was the most uncomfortable trip ever. We arrived to the small town of Phonsavanh which is a place that was devastated the most during the U.S attacks on this part of the world.... All things considered the people seem to be pretty friendly towards us. We arrived and checked into hotel in which we are the only guests.... We mingled a little with the owners and there family.. Had a couple of beers and then it was time for BBQ... In a bowl sat several frogs that were stuffed with seasoning and herbs.. I finally broke down and gave it a taste!!! Quite flavorful actually but wont be asking Dominic the butcher for any when I return.. We then headed out for an early dinner in the tiny town.. Must say fried rice was better than frog..Once back to hotel I had another beer and spent 2 hours trying to teach local boy English.

We awoke this morning for a tour of the plains of jars which is quite famous I guess. Nobody knows how they got there or why but they are everywhere.. There are also huge craters that were caused by our attacks.. We had to follow color coded bricks as there are still active mines that have not been found yet.. We also saw a temple that was still standing after attacks. we also went to the worst market that I have seen yet. Here in town they had it all. Everything you see on the Travel Channel and then some. Local motorbikes were riding to town with the cutest little dogs hanging from the back....Still Fresh!!!! Not yet killed. They were so close to the ground that there feet were rubbing when they hit bumps... Not my idea of scenery. But different world..

I am still experiencing great culture shock and tomorrow we fly off to the new capital of Laos Vientiane.. it is a big city and also where are guide Soon lives with his wife and baby..After one night there it is off to Hanoi Vietnam.. I will post again soon and thanks again for sticking with us. I hope that everyone has an idea of what we are going through but it is just impossible to explain. Hopefully my collection of photos will tell more when I return...445 so far and still 1 week plus to go... Cant wait to return home for a cozy nights rest.

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