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Looking Over Quito

Street in Old Town

After the rain

The beautiful capital of Quito is located at 2850m altitude. The sprawling city lies in a valley, but creeps up the surrounding mountains as it grows. It is a lovely setting for a city rich in history and culture.

We spent 2 days here, we were lucky enough to arrive during a festival week when the people celebrate the founding of the city. There were huge parades and fireworks at night and everyone was partying well into the early hours. One night it rained and got really cold and it was nice to pull out the warm clothes that we hadn't needed since Peru.

In the city centre there are two distinct areas, Old and New Town. Old town has rustic cobblestone streets and is filled with historic houses and building. The New town is a lot more modern and business-like with sky-scrapers and trendy bars and restaurants. After enjoying a few sites in the city we wanted to head to the coast for our anniversary, so we took a long bus ride through the north of Ecuador, admiring the gorgeous scenery along the way.

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