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The view of Mt Batur from Kintamani

Cycling along

Balienese temple


Inside a family kitchen

Family pig

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Me pedaling furiously around Mt Kinabalu

The rooster issue has been slightly resolved…they got up at 3am today instead of 2.30am! I seriously do not know how I am going to cope with another night of this, its like Chinese water torture. It has taught me one very valuable lesson though; never pay for 4 nights accommodation upfront, try the first night before committing to more. So a very bleary eyed me headed out to Mount Kinabalu on yesterday for a mountain bike ride (which was the very last thing I felt like doing). We all headed off and loved the first 10km, until I asked how far we were actually riding and discovered that I had insanely signed up for a 40km ride. I also had the dubious distinction of having one one working gear on my bike which was very low so I had to pedal like a maniac to get anywhere. I felt like a mouse on a treadmill and everyone found it hilarious. To be fair, it was all pretty much downhill but regardless my bum is still very sore. Not only that but it was the first HOT sunny day we have had here in Ubud and we were all roasting. Josh is looking particularly lobster-like… Yan had to head back to Kuta at the end of it all and it was sad to see him go. He has been fantastic and has definitely made our stay 100% fantastic. So if anyone is heading this way, let me know and I will pass on his details. Tomorrow I part ways with Kirsti and Josh as they are heading off to Malaysia whilst I will be catching a ferry to Lombok.

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