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Hello to all and thanks again for keeping up with us!!!! We met up with our Thai tour leader Mr. Bond. We did a wonderful city tour using all of the public transportation available to locals.. We used skytrain,canals,and tuck tucks. we were able to visit many temples and see lots of interesting stuff.. Bangkok is a great city but a little to busy for me!!

We went to the airport and flew to Chang Mai about an hour flight from Bangkok on Thai airways. Once arrived we traveled by van for 4 hours to a town called Chang Khan which is just across the river from the Laos border. I was able to sleep the whole way and when I awoke we were in a very small town and the hostess of the guesthouse was greeting us very loud and pushy but sweet. We checked into our rooms which were quite basic. Lots of bugs and a leaky sewer pipe in our bathroom, and no hot water...

It was now 10:30 pm and we crossed the street to eat at a restaurant owned by the hostess of the guesthouse. I once again had beer and the boys all had some local food... I hope I can survive on barley cause the food just isn't appealing... The town closed very early so not much going on.

Randy and Dad went to sleep. Cooper and I decided to see if we could find anywhere else to have a drink.. We came across some young kids outside of a tattoo shop called Smoove.. turns out it was a bar as well... What a combo huh.. They were very nice and spoke great English so we sat outside and drank the local rum Som Sum.. Good stuff!!

Finally went back to Guesthouse and found are way to room in total darkness.. We awoke the following morning for breakfast American style toast and eggs.. Something was definitely wrong with my eggs so skipped meal again..

We then went to border to cross into Laos and said goodbye to Mr. Bond and hello to Soon our Lao Leader. He actually was rescued from Laos when he was a small child, Lived in Chicago till he was 15 then his dad decided to return. So he now is here but loves it?

We crossed by boat and passed Laos customs.. then we boarded a slowboat for are float down the Mekong river... Day 1 we were on river for 9 hours. beautiful scenery, and were able to stop in a Mong village to visit. We brought candy and toothbrushes for the kids. they were so excited to see us.. Mong are the people that were in "Gran Torino" They were spies for the CIA during war and still considered "traders" to the local people. Living the same way they have for many many years!!!

It was a long day on the river. And stopped at sunset to sleep in a town called Pak Beng.. Wow what a place... No electricity or running water.. they have a generator that they run from 6:30pm till 10:30pm daily which also allows water to pump up to room, but of course pump was broken.. Very weird place everyone was pretty much related. We met Soon for dinner and again I had beer!! Electricity only 4 hours a day I figured food cant be great. Went to bed in my sleep sac as bugs were everywhere as well as geckos.

The next day we boarded our slow boat for another 9 hour journey along the Mekong this time stopping at caves and a whisky village on our way to Luang Prabang. Finally arrived in the city and transferred to the hotel.. the governor was staying there so police everywhere, and our guide Soon was not allowed to stay there. nice place except our rooms are like "backpackers room" but exceptionally nice considering the past two nights!!!

Luang prabang is a neat town and a little more westernized. We went to dinner at a great restaurant with lots of choices. then on to drink a little at local bar..

Today we took a tour of the city. Again visiting temples and museums, just getting a feel for the people and town.. great place but hot and lots of bugs!! i am really enjoying myself. But at the same time a little uncomfortable and missing home. Just seems that everywhere we go is so much different than the last so never really having a chance to adjust.. just constant "Culture Shock" i must be going now as the ants on my keyboard are starting to really get to me. Someone must of dropped food in them!! Sorry for the delay but now you know why... By the way i am finally eating luckily as i am down to 3 cliff bars, and should save them for Vietnam!!! LOL

Sorry no photos this time as internet is to slow!!!!

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