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Old and New Clash

The wind quit during the night (we later learned that it had peaked at 44 mph) and we rose early to take a bus tour of the Veracruz area. We went for coffee at the Grand Café de la Parroquia, shopped the board walk, toured the fortress of San Juan de Ulua and the zocalo including the Cathedral.

The fortress was the most comprehensive and confused I think I have every seen. It was built by Cortez on an island in the 1500s in stages that took over 250 years. The outer ring was for defense. The 2nd ring was to store grain and other products for shipment from Mexico to Spain. The last section is a prison, and I can assure you none of us would want to have been held there. The fort is an interesting juxtaposition between the old and the new, as the island is now just the end of a huge peninsula of shipping support, including large container shipping yards.

For lunch we traveled to Antigua. We ate in a river side café, walked the pedestrian suspension bridge, visited the suspected home of Cortez and 2 churches, one said to be the 1st in North America. The Cortez home is just a shell, held by by huge tree root systems.

After a break at the camper, during which I washed the sand and salt from 2/3 of the RV, we returned to Boca de Rio for a music performance and a visit to the water fountains synchronized with local music.

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