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So 5 days on the beach in Florianopolis, on the isla de Santa Catarina. We are spending big time now, way out of my comfort zone. 140 Reals / $70 per night on accomadations. But it is a decent room, with running water, overlooking the beach, even though the beach is about a 1KM away across some dunes.

I have been surfing the last two days. Although I am not as good as I remember!! Wehave been eating decent food at best. I remember Brazil not having exceptional food. Tomorrow we go for fejuaoda which is a BRazilian bean buffet. I know Amy cant wait to try.

Weather has been fairly good. We have 3 more days on the beach here and then we fly to RIO. I wanted to take the bus, but it would have been 18 hours and I decided to step it up just half a notch. Also, I did wanted to waste a full day for a trip that is only 4 weeks long.

I know Amy misses the 4 seasons, but at least we havent stayed in a hostel yet.

Peace Out to all.


P.S. The best invention EVER ice cream buffet. You go through the line and add as many scoops of as many different flavors as you want, then an endless amount of toppings (whipped cream, chocolate, candy, gummy teeth (yes, you read that right), dulce de leche, and about 25 others). Bob´s creation weighed 3 lbs. tonight. Delicioso. Amy.

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