South American Luxury 2009 travel blog

We arrived in Porto Alegre after a 12 hour overnight bus ride (luckily with minimal complications at the border crossing) from Montevideo. We checked into our $30 per night hostel while Bob complained the whole time about the cost, and I complained the whole time about missing the Four Seasons.

The weather wasn´t great, but we walked around for most of the day, first trying about about 30 ATM machines before we found one that worked with our debit card, then finding and exploring the Sunday Crap Hut Market, I mean Flea Market, at a big park in the city. We had a nice all you can eat meat dinner at a churrascaria where there was luckily a local who spoke English (he actually lived in Gilman, IL for about 6 months for his job) who explained to us how to get the gauchos to bring us the meat. Not-surprisingly, we have a very hard time finding English-speakers, but suprisingly (at least to me), we have as hard of a time finding any Spanish-speakers, which makes ordering food, asking for directions, booking tours, etc. a bit challenging!

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