Mexico & Central America by Motorcycle 2008/09 travel blog

If you saw this in a brochure you think it was Paradise.

This horse is making its way through the garbage pile which include...

This is what you see from the popular downdown hotels.

Lttle do people know there are raw sewage dischaarges just a few...

We strongly considered asking for a refund on our prepaid second night here but the fact was the hotel was pretty good and we had the pool. Perhaps after a morning exploring in town we would find Tela a little more appealing.

Well we walked to the town centre and had breakfast at one of the best hotels in town. It was right on the beach and if this is all we had seen we would have thought this was a really nice place to visit. There was no garbage and no smell of raw sewage. The water was cloudy but perhaps it is just from the waves rolling in?

A short walk revealed another waterway that looked and smelled like raw sewage discharging into the ocean just a few hundred yards from this nice hotel beach. Our private sewage discharge was just a few hundred yards down the beach the other way, just out of sight. (Say Harold, I wonder what is causing this rash?)

A stroll through town revealed the source of some of this. There are deep gutters running along most streets and in most of these, putrid water is freely flowing down the gutter and eventually into the ocean. If they expect this to grow into a world class resort, as the government brochures proclaim, they have a little infrastructure work to do in a hurry.

We tried sitting by the pool in the afternoon but the wind shifted and the smell of sewage was unavoidable. We retreated to our room and watched a movie. Janine suggested we take a cab to the hotel restaurant downtown because if we walked we would loose our appetite by the time we got there. We will be leaving in the morning and it will not be soon enough.

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