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Lago Yojoa in Honduras

"Fresh" fish anyone. It is about 95 today. I am sure the...

It was a bright sunny morning and both of us seem to be pretty much recovered from our little bout of flu or whatever it was. Before leaving town we stopped at a farmacia in a modern mall to see if I could obtain some medication I was soon going to run short of. It was not available in Panama, Costa Rica or Nicaragua but they had it here. Of course, like Mexico, no prescriptions are necessary, You can get pretty much anything you need right over the counter.

Once underway we soon began climbing out of the valley where Comayagua lays and into the hills. We did not reach anything above 3,500 feet but there was still a distinctive change in the fauna from jungle to pine forest. At some points you could have easily mistaken the landscape for British Columbia back in Canada.

The road was generally good however there were constant potholes and trenches, filled with clay, crossing the roadway. The pattern soon revealed that the trenches were the result of new water lines being run to homes and villages along the road. If these people are getting clean drinking water piped to their villages and homes we can certainly put up with the inconvenience of hitting a few pot holes.

One thing that has become glaringly apparent during our exploration of Central American is the vital importance of clean drinking water and sanitary sewage disposal. These are fundamental necessities of life that many people here do not have yet we just take them for granted back home. Never again for us!

We stopped for lunch near Lago Yojoa, a very nice lake in central Honduras. On the highway along the lake vendors were selling fish, handing on racks, in the open air. It was very hot, perhaps 95 F, and there was nothing but sacks hung above the fish for shade and no refrigeration at all! We decided on burgers at the restaurant we stopped at.

As we approached Tela we dropped down to nearly sea level but surprisingly, it was not quite as hot as it was inland. The main scenery on both sides of the road was plantations. Mainly palms for oil production but also sugarcane and bananas.

We had heard from several sources how nice Tela was so we had visions of white sand beaches and turquoise water seeing that this was the Caribbean. It was therefore a disappointment when the water was a bit murkey looking and the beaches a little less than pristine looking.

Did a drive-by of the hotels we had seen in the brochures and they were not all that attractive from the street. There was one very large resort complex at one end of town and another at the other end.

Both looked very expensive but we decided to give one a try anyways. It was an all-inclusive resort and at $100.00 USD per person not what we were looking for.

There was one hotel by itself that looked pretty nice and although it was not right on the beach, it had direct access. When we enquired it seemed reasonable and while looking at the room you could see the beach and it looked pretty good. We took the room and managed to bring the price down a little by committing to two nights.

I mentioned the beach looked pretty nice from the hotel. Unfortunately, we should have taken a walk to the beach before committing. There was a wooden walkway from the hotel towards the beach. At one point it crossed a little stream that could be more accurately be described as an open sewer. The smell was absolutely disgusting.

At he beach, what looked like perhaps driftwood washed up on the beach when viewed from the hotel was actually trash. Piles of trash. It was also disgusting.

We did make one important discovery though. If you have seen the movie Castaway you know Tom Hanks companion “Wilson” (a volley ball) was lost at sea. Well Tom, we found Wilson! He is safe and sound, nestled in a pile of garbage at the beach in Tela.

So, sunning at the beach is out and swimming it out of the question. At least our hotel has a nice clean looking pool. I wonder if the people at the all inclusive resort just down the beach know they are swimming next to the sewage discharge?

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