Mexico & Central America by Motorcycle 2008/09 travel blog

The view of Comayagua from our hotel window

The hills around us are actually quite dry and desert-like

The city is clean and the colonial buildings are being saved and...

I took this from our table at lunch

The church is very nice. Although it does not particularly stand out,...

Well a good night’s sleep seems to have worked as the aches were gone and I was feeling better but now Janine is feeling a little “off”. The best thing for us was to just take the day off and stay here in Comoyagua.

We did venture out for a few hours but otherwise just stayed in the hotel napping. I must say Comayagua is one of the cleanest and definitely the quietest town we have visited in Central America. The only annoying sound we heard last night was a rooster who had his internal clock screwed up and started crowing at 2 in the morning. Perhaps he will be on the menu somewhere today.

By late afternoon we were both feeling much better and by early evening we were ready for dinner.

We went to a small restaurant on the plaza, next to the cathedral, where we had had lunch earlier. The owner introduced us to a couple from Michigan and ended up having dinner with them. It is always great to have some English conversation when you spend this much time in Spanish speaking countries.

Hank and Carol, our dinner companions, are on a mission with Rotary International helping build a day care centre in a local barrio. They were very interesting dinner companions.

At the end of the meal a TV cameraman showed up and the owner asked if we would participate in a TV spot they were doing about his restaurant. We basically just had to sit there and be filmed although we were asked to say a few words about our experience in Honduras. Apparently by tomorrow we will be TV stars in Honduras.

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