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Dad and Cyndy

Laura, Samantha, Wanda and Coy.

Gene & Ronnie

Saying goodbye to grandma...

We had nice visit in Tennessee with family. Dad has double pnuemonia, so he was not feeling the best. He had to get a couple of shots, but did not go to the hospital. He was not up to much, but we did manage to sqeeze in the obligatary crib games. Gene, Ronnie, Coy and a friend all did a little shooting up at Ronnies house. Ronnie is our step brother and Coy is our nephew. We have a very large extended family here.... nice talking to everyone and just spending some quality time visiting. The kids are all growing up fast but they are all such a pleasure to be with. Samantha has a new boyfriend, Daniel can always make his grandparents smile, and Coy is facing back surgery with a faith that puts most full grown adults to shame. Adrianna is cute as a button, but as always a handful! Wanda is always busy taking care of family, but in the process has gotten sick herself. On the way out we stopped to visit grandma's grave, sometimes it does not really seem like she has passed on. As always on the road again....

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