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Moñtanita Beach

Main street

Sunset from our room

What a great place to spend our first anniversary. A touristy little beach town, with Ecuador's best surf and a great range of hostels and restaurants. Most of the buildings had palm thatching and bamboo poles, adding to the feeling of this tropical beach town.

We couldn't get a direct bus from Quito so went caught one to Puerto Lopez which took about 10 hours, and tried to change buses there. It was after sunset and the only way to get to Montañita from here this late was in an overpriced taxi. We were walking the streets considering our options when we saw an old American school bus pulling away from the kerb. We ran over and asked if they were going past Montañita, they said yes and it was only after we hopped on we realised it was a band bus. A group of 15 or so musicians travelling back home after a gig. The bus was in bad need of a tune up as fumes filled the cabin as we struggled up some of the hills.

We were lucky they were travelling in the same direction because we hadn't realised it was a further 2 hour bumpy trip to get to our destination. They were a really nice bunch of people and we were very grateful for the ride. I think they found our level of Spanish quite amusing and everyone was laughing and having a good time, mostly at our expense. Finally we arrived it was close to midnight and we found a feed and the closest hostel and crashed out.

The next morning we awoke to a lovely little town, full of travellers and street vendors selling everything from fresh fruit juice to jewellery. After breakfast we moved hostels to a nice room that overlooked the beach with a small balcony and 2 hammocks. It was our anniversary and we spent most of the day at the beach, enjoying the water and beach atmosphere. We had a tasty dinner and some fruit cocktails to celebrate and retired to our lovely room to watch the sunset.

It had such a relaxed atmosphere, we stayed for a week swimming everyday but trying to avoid the midday sun which was scorching hot, being this close to the equator. There wasn't a great deal to do except enjoy the feeling of being on holidays and we stayed for quite a few days falling into the Montañita groove.

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