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on a catwalk to Garganta del Diablo

one of the many strange birds flying around

Garganta del Diablo

Garganta del Diablo

thundering water plunging in to the guorge

view of the falls down the canyon

like something from another world

Garganta del Diablo

a couple views the falls from a catwalk

entering Garganta del Diablo

getting a dose of the falls

looking over Iguazu Falls park


an Iguazu iguana


up close & personal

after a dousing of the falls

Laura posing at a lookout

boats heading for the falls

a coalis

kung fu stick bug

almost walking into a spider on the trail

walking to an off limits water fall

escaping from a jaguar

a heroic shower

a group of sirens I discovered at the falls

a siren takes a break from her swim

Dave has been a stick in the mud with his class- he literally goes to school or studies around the clock- so I decided to head up to Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina. I sprung for a ticket to fly there (about $150) and took a 17-hour bus back.

I had a little trepidation about spending the money and going... so often these "can't miss" sites can be easily missed alright, but I'm wasn't sure when I would have the chance to do it again. I met a couple of Danish girls at the hostel and we set out one morning for a full day of walking around Iguazu Falls park.

I could pull out a thesaraus and start an adjective game, but in a word they were incredible. I'm glad I went, and think that everyone should try and do it in there life. Hopefully the pictures do it some justice. I have been around "big" water my whole life, but I have never witnessed the power of water like I did in Iguazu.

No I am back in Buenos Aires for a few more days, enjoying more of the city while I can. Dave is like a piece of furniture in front of his laptop except for his occasional threats of suicide because he is stressed out about his CELTA course. Usually I let him stress in peace while I take epically long walks around the city.

Will post a few more pics of Buenos Aires soon and a final update of what I'm going to do.

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