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Kanchanaburi - Allied POW cemetery

Kanchanaburi - cute hotel room

Kanchanaburi - River Kwai restaurant

Kanchanaburi - bridge on the River Kwai

Kanchanaburi is famous as being the town with the "Bridge over the river Kwai". It's a beautiful little town (<60 thousand people) about 3 hours from Bangkok set on a river with scenic mountains around.

We took a mini-bus from Bangkok and found a great little hotel near the river after a little searching. Also found a great cafe with some of the best food we have had so far in Thailand (and this is saying a lot) so went back several times. We rented a motorbike and, aside from visiting the famous bridge, paid our respects at the Allied War Cemetery where many of the WW2 POWs who died building the railroad for the Japanese are now buried. There were several good museums in town about the Japanese occupation of Thailand and construction of the railway. The Thailand-Burma Railway Centere was a surprisingly good museum that really brought to life this period in history.

An interesting experience while we were here was a visit to a local hospital. John came down with a skin rash (yes he really wants to be sharing this with you) that we wanted to get checked out. We pulled into the local hospital where he was registered, triaged by the nurse, saw the doctor, had lab tests performed, was diagnosed and prescribed meds all within the space of 45 minutes for a cost of about $14. Makes you wonder what's wrong with our health system in the US?

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