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Luxury apartments in Cancun

Chichen Itza (near Merida)

The cave we had dinner in Playa de Carmen

Beward of crocodile sign!

Palenque ruins

Got up early this morning and went from Playa de Carmen to Cancun. It took about an hour. Once in Cancun I walked to my hotel. It was a long walk and I am sure there must be a short cut that I don´t know about.

I´ve been down to Cancun beach, rich apartment area and shops. I couldn´t get to the beach - I would need to pay to go to a private beach. I hope NZ never closes off the beach for apartments. I brought a cup of coffee and was going to have it on the lagoon side but the ´beware of crocodiles´(the sign was in figures so I assumed it was crocodiles) put me off. I did a bit of shopping, rather unsuccessfully as I couldn´t bear being hassled.

On the way back I completely got the wrong bus, ended up in the wrong side of town (lets just say my hotel is in the álmost hood, the bus went to the real hood. No problem I thought, there will be a bus going back but there wasn´t. So I walked the ´hood´with the occassionally local trying to help out this white chick way off the beaten track. Eventually I got a taxi and the guy was SO SLEAZY. Yuk, I actually thought at one stage what do I have in my hand bag just in case he gets fresh. The thought of him creaps me out.

My hotel is near nothing but an industrial park so I have brought some food from a grocery store about 1.5 km away. I ended up having McDonalds because it was the only clean place for food on the nearby street. My hotel restaurant doesn´t open on a Sunday. But the hotel itself is nice and it has cable and I will watch the awards tonight.

I wandered around the posh part of Cancun with the ritzy hotels and apartments. I kept getting looks like ´hey backpacker you are out of your zone´. Especially from a guy with a convertible BMW. But I just flashed the ´ do you think I care what you think´. Meet a guy from New York that gave me directions to the nearest coffee place. Occassionally I would see people exercising. I can´t help stare at a 50 plus person full of botox and a plastic chest. They look so odd.

Tomorrow, fly to Mexico City and then Los Angeles. Hoping to spend a morning shopping in LA. My shopping here has been almost non-existent.

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