The Southwest (where my heart is) Jan 2009 travel blog

Brushing my teeth in the morning - 17 degrees. Notice the ice...

Ice on Ken's sandals in the morning

Waking up to a foggy, icy cold morning at Willow Creek Hot...

Frozen roadside plants in the fog

Telephone poles stretching into the fog

Our camping spot - hidden under that blanket!

Ken settles into roadtrip mode.

Here we go: a virtual exercise. Close your eyes and recall the last time you forgot your mittens on a day that was below freezing, and you had to brush the snow off the mailbox or scrape your windshield. Now imagine getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, making your bed (actually, completely deconstructing your bedroom), and getting naked to take a shower in those temps. Or better yet, about 15 degrees colder... Oh yes, my winter-camping friends are smiling in sympathy.

Back to reality:

Woke up grumbling - what kind of desert camping is this? For Ken, especially, the joy of desert camping is lying in the tent in the morning waiting for the strong desert sun to warm your bones, then to soak it up while we eat breakfast. Attached are some photos of one of the thickest fogs I've been in, and the fact that it was 17 degrees when we woke up didn't help. We ran straight to the hot springs, hoping the sun would come out and burn off the pea soup. No such luck - we packed up the icy tent in the freezing, dense cloud and drove out.

The funniest part, though? Check out this photo when we finally proke into the sunshine.

As we looked over our shoulders, we just started laughing - it was the only place as far as the eye could see that was socked in. Gorgeous, sunny, typical desert weather the rest of the day.

We drive on to Tonopah, NV and opt for a hotel because I'm making really pleasant sounds like I'm about to die of pneumonia.

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