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Well my blogs have been non'existence as it has been fairly heavy days of either travel or excursions. The internet in the last place (as in many places) was too poor to upload photos.

We spent a day travelling from Palenque to Merida. I think it took 8 hours so it was a fairly long day. Merida was nice and Jo (the Irish girl I´ve been hanging out with) and I spent the day pottering around. Merida is a colonial town. I am writing this slightly hangover so all the towns are a bit of a blur. Oh that is right, the night we arrived in Merida Jo and I stumbled upon an amazing art exhibition at the Governor´s palace and they officers invited us in. We went for a 45 minute horse and carriage ride at night which was fun. Then we as always ended up at the Italian coffee company (we are frequently then everywhere except Palenque which didn´t have one). We spent two nights in Merida.

Unfortunately the first night we ate in a restaurant that gave 10 out of 17 of us bad food poisoning. I was lucky, no vomitting but my body purged everything. Our roomie spent 14 hours vomitting or dry reaching. It is a pity as it wiped out the group. Last night we were out at dinner at an expensive restaurant in a cave and two people throw up after dinner. My medical kit is almost depleted of antinausea (some have called me Doc) and rehydration mixture. And last night, our final night with the group there was about 5 people who needed to leave because they were really unwell.

The day after the food poisoning when we were walking round town, we would have to sit every so often when one of us got the ´hot flush´. That is probably why Merida is unforgetable. The good news is Jo and I did lots of stuff the night we arrived which we probably wouldn´t have done post food poisioning.

We did go to a FREE (gratis in spanish) Picasco exhibition. Picasco isn´t quite my thing but it sounds so cool to say - yes, saw a Picasco exhibition in Merida, Mexico.

So the group has ended and tonight I am on my lonesome. I am actually looking forward to watching some TV and chilling. I danced a bit last night and drank a lot so I think a quite one will do nicely. Jo the Irish girl has been awesome to hang out with, we both have an evil sense of humour. Jo is currently sleeping off the last four sex on the beach drinks. Me, despite a couple of hours sleep my body said YO NECESITO EL CAFE AHORA (I NEED coffee now).

Tomorrow I go to Cancun for the night and then fly to Mexico City, Los Angeles and then stay the night in Los Angeles. I think I have enough time to visit the Santa Monica malls. I have done no shopping this trip except I brought a small dish which I´m not sure will make it to New Zealand is one piece but I will try.

I may try shopping today inbetween coffee breaks.

I can seem to upload some photos but will try later.

In a strange way I am looking forward to getting home. I think I probably should have just travelled solo given the short amount of time I had. The group I had were really nice but quite quiet. There were several 19 year olds and I felt I had to play 20 questions to chat to them. But don´t get me wrong, everyone was great. Our guide Juan Carlos, was really helpful (a little quiet ...for a guide).

Cant wait to sit and gossip with people at home.

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