2008 Ashore...but not for long travel blog

Bill's rain catcher

Pilot waiting our departure

Following Pilot

Good-bye Ole Pot

Computer time

Marsh Harbor dingy ride

Just another sunrise in the Bahamas

After a four day wait for the right conditions, a dozen of us gathered for an impromptu potluck on Thursday night and made plans to leave this lovely town. To make the 50 Nm northerly crossing from Spanish Wells, we pushed off early on Friday with two other boats in the hands of renown pilot “Ole Pot”. His mission was to deliver this motley crew to the Northeast Passage off Ridley Head. We set off at high tide, so the breakers on either side were not so large. But, it was good to finally wave bye to Ole Pot and settle in for the transit. Fishing lines went into the water on all three boats, but the floating seaweed and the fish gods conspired against us all. The trip was not bad, even if mostly in the trough for a slow roll. We arrived at the opening near Little Harbour in the south east corner of the Abacos. The anchorage alongside Lynyard Cay was comfortable and secure. We took the time to deploy the dinghy for the future runs over the weekend. Weather was projected to be wonderful for the next three days.

Not only do the Abacos represent great familiarity as a cruising ground; the stops are spaced conveniently for short runs between. Also, the cruisers net is alive and does well in keeping everyone informed. We learned immediately that Pete, the proprietor of the only establishment in Little Harbour, would celebrate a wild pig roast on Saturday. This was the reason that the Lynyard anchorage quickly became crowded, and the moorings in the harbor proper would soon be all taken up. Alas, our entrance into the harbor is dictated by a high tide, that had already passed. So, while Pete’s Pub is rocking, we will be headed to Marsh Harbour, where we hope to have lots of room to anchor.

By mid-morning on Saturday, we found our favorite spot off the government dock and, close enough to the Jib Room to make it back in the dark. We had a nice lunch upstairs at Curlytails and struggled with both the free internet and the Batelco pay phone. While these two new technical innovations are becoming more available, they seem to be largely out of order. We did discover that Solomons market had burned down, so the adjacent Price Right had become the sole supermarket for this part of the city. We did manage to buy a couple of DVD’s at a really good price (Slum-dog Millionaire and Benjamin Button). Our visit to the Jib Room came at sunset and was a great prelude to dinner of stone crab aboard. Saturday was the big night at the Jib Room with a steak fry and live band. We could hear the band well into the night.

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