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I am in Palenque. Travelled here yesterday by private van so we could stop at some waterfalls for a swim. I would upload photos but this computer doesn{t even have a microphone so I have had to read Obama{s speech in text.

Our hotel is truly awful. We were lucky, no towels, no toilet paper, cockroach and lizard but some of our colleagues have no water, no power. They don{t give towells in the morning, afternoon or evening.... after complaining (and me sorting out getting toilet paper for most of the rooms) we got a towel to share last night for our cold shower. But they took the towel this morning and didn{t replace it. The woman at reception refuses to acknowledge spanish, even from our tour leader. Note to self - make sure I let trip advisor, lonely planet know how bad it is.

Today we went for a two hour bush walk which was great. I needed to walk as we have been doing lots of travelling. Then we all held hands, closed our eyes, was lead by the guide to the top path of one of the view points of Palenque. When we opened our eyes it was amazing. Everyone I know raves about Palenque and I agree. The bush setting was beautiful. I like the more run down structures but sitting on top of one of the towers was magic. We then went to some waterfalls and had lunch. Some went for a swim and I sat with some of the girls gossiping.

I can{t believe on more night Palenque, two Merida, then one in Playa de Carmen and the tour is over. I have been hanging out with a great chick from Ireland, Jo (I will upload a photo when I get to a city with better technology). Jo has been great fun.

I then do an extra night in Playa de Carmen and then fly to Mexico City and then Los Angeles. Stay a night there and then home.

It has gone reasonably fast and soon I{ll be back trying to beat post trip blues.

I think today was one of the best days and I hope it is for America. The world watches anxiously to see how Obama will be.

Tomorrow Merida but it will take about 8 hours to get there. Hopefully the next day I can upload some photos.

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