year5-Here we go travel blog

Our campsite

Ready for a ride

what a neat tree

a rest stop on the trail

a run down the trail

NOT my idea of a trail...

BUT I got out-voted at this one & also got WET feet.

This one we went around the tree

part of the neat display at the Forest Service office

Naomi liked this one best

Here's our doll outside the office

the Ocean Pond picnic area, very nice

Our visit to the Olustee depot, now a tourist info stop, gave...

the story of the battle

What a neat place and be sure to watch the movie

a duck rests on the fence along the road

Naomi enjoyed the displays alot

Learning history

We have had a great week with Naomi and sure made some memories for all of us. We took the atv out on the trails many times and they are both much braver than I am, they talked me into going through some water, the first one I said "NO" and so we went around but the next one would have meant a long back track and they(Naomi & Dave) convinced me it wasn't soo deep. Well, we made it through but I got wet feet and it always makes me nervous when I think it could stall out in the water but then we did see other people out on the trails and we have a winch on the front of the atv so I guess it OK. We all agreed to go around when it came to the tree you will see in the picture though ha-ha. We took the truck and went to visit the Forest Service office where one of the church members works, but he was off for the day, We enjoyed the displays of animals and forestry there though. We also went to Ocean Pond to see the picnic area and campground there, they have regular spots in the campground but no atv trails, and not many spots we would fit in, it was also very crowded so sure glad we chose our site. To start the new year out, we are also stopping at Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park for some history. This is the area of the largest Civil War battle in Florida in February of 1864. This 4 hour battle between 5,500 Union soldiers and over 5,000 Confederate soldiers was the last attempt of the Union forces to move west through Florida and they retreated to Jacksonville under cover of darkness and remained there for the duration of the Civil War. Every February they have a reenactmentment of this battle and after our visit Naomi says she wants to come so we hope to convince Mom & Dad to take her in February. It is so neat to be able to share and learn about history with her and to find it so close to home is great too. More soon as we head back to Lake Butler and our farewells as this visit comes to an end.

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