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Off to Dingles

Off to the local "Mall"

All phones broken....ALWAYS!

Chapter III at anchor

Departure from Stella Maris had to wait on a high tide because the route in was barely passable at mid tide. The PVC marker poles were mostly missing, hard to see and the ones left seemed to be out of place. We cleared safely and got into deep water off Cape Santa Maria. It was a good day to fish so the single line went in the water on the leg crossing to Cat Island. Luck would have it that a nice wahoo took a nibble and we had something fresh for dinner.

This entry takes us along the bights of Cat and Eleuthera. Each of these major islands form a backward “C”, and the arc across their open sides to the south-west are the shallow bights. As the the weekend drew near we knew that a sustained front would settle over the region and we would have several days of north-east winds. The anchorage on Cat was beneath the Hermitage, built on the highest point in the Bahamas by the architect/priest, Father Jerome. First an Anglican, then a Catholic, he built several churches in the home islands around the turn of last century. Lit by a near full moon, the ruins were a beautiful sight. The dinghy stayed safely aboard as we began to anticipate rough weather.

On Thursday morning early we started a long day off across the bight of Cat, to the foot of Eleuthera. Passing close to Little San Salvador, we watched as a Holland/America cruise boat pulled into their own little playground…renamed Half Moon Cay. There were lots of associated watercraft and para-sails. Reportedly, this once private island can be visited if the cruise boat is absent. We pushed on to Eleuthera as heavy black clouds began forming. Anchorage that night was off Rock Sound, the largest settlement on the island. We joined thirteen sailboats that were snugged up close to the government dock. It was not a restful night, but our big anchor stuck well in the sandy bottom.

Friday was wet and windy, but we went into Dingles dock with laundry, trash, the computer and a list of items to get at the local “mall”. Jean stayed at Dingles to work the laundry deal and internet as Bill set off down the road to the Mall. Big successes on both accounts and we soon returned to the boat and our books. These inclement days, the best thing to do is to pull up a blanket and get lost in the current novel. The fact that Jean had secreted some fresh ice cream in the back pack made for a deliciously, sinful evening, indeed. Bill topped it off with cracked conch for dinner and the band at the Friday Fish Fry serenaded us long into the nite. Saturday was more of the same, except that we discovered Sammy's with his free internet and wonderful lunches.

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