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Em trying an Ermantrude hat on

An Austen doll

Salamanca Market

Donut food for shopping power

Austens love child

Some more market

A wooden pig..........sorry Matt I tried to stop him!

Austen with a breakfast kebab

Fairy School! how cool is that!!

Me in 50 years time!

Melbourne here we come!!!

A blurred Nat at her new job. She must've been serving REALLY...

Obviously we had to celebrate our first day in Melbourne

Then after the booze comes the dancing!!!

And then after the booze and the dancing comes the face in...

We leave Tasmania for Melbourne this afternoon, and although we have had a wonderful time here we are very excited about getting to Melbourne.....and seeing Nat again!

We went to the famous Salamanca Market this morning to see what it's all about....basically it's a massive market with food stalls, lots of wooden souvineers and street preformers playing a range of different music.

We had a wander round and bought a few bits and bobs in between filling our faces with goodies! (warm jam dougnuts are the way forward by the way!!)

We left the market and went back to grab our stuff from the hostel and jumped on the bus to take us to the airport.

The flight was only 1 hour and we got given some more food on the plane! good times! and we arrived at Melbourne around 6ish.

Natalie has a job in an Irish bar at the airport now so we decided to go pester her for a bit and she took her break and we all caught up.

We have a hostel booked up in St Kilda which is just outside the city and on the beach so we grabbed a bus to the city then had a short tram ride to where we are living.

We bumped in to Lucy and James (our friends from Sydney) when we got off and arranged to meet up in the evening as James is off to do medical trials tomorrow and has to stay in hospital for 5 days!! (and after finding out you get paid GBP600 we are pretty tempted to do it too!!)

Anyway we checked in to our hostel which is basically a swanky bar down stairs, hostel and hotel upstairs and a nightclub on top of that! Really modern and nice....only problem was that we were in a 10 bed dorm which wasn't massive and was full of drunk Irish girls getting ready........and there is only 1 bathroom!!!!!

After they left we got ready and went to Meet Nat who was back from work at her hostel 2 mins down the road from us (we are trying to get booked in there but everything is booked up due to the Australian Open which is in Melbourne for the next month....great timing eh!!)

We grabbed Nat and quickly discovered that the area we are staying in is a red light district! Nice!! then went to meet James and Lucy.

We had a few drinks in a bar (where we saw some bloke from Home and Away....Sallys brother?? no idea, we don't watch it!) then moved on to a bar with live music which was pretty cool but we decided to move on to a club called Tounge and groove (via the pizza shop :o0)

The club was pretty rubbish! It was full of wierdos but we had a dance and a few drinkies in there anyway and made it home around 4.30 am we think! whoops!!!

So a good first day in Melbourne although we haven't seen too much of it yet!


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