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Today was another wonderful day. We were awake fairly early this morning, but Marilyn remained in bed while I dressed and got myself ready to walk with Heinz, Jesse and Carl.

Promptly at 7:00 AM the four of us headed out on our morning walk. We walked for just a bit over three miles by the time we returned to our respective homes on wheels.

I sat down with Marilyn to share our morning coffee and then she left to walk with Ginger. While she was gone, I picked up Jesse and we drove to the ball park to watch the Llano Grande Stars play softball. Their game was scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM but some light rain began to fall from the gray, overcast sky shortly after we arrived at 9:30.

So much for softball! We drove back to the resort, picked up our wives who were back from their walk, and drove into Mercedes, to “Mingo’s” for a late breakfast.

Once our appetites were satisfied, we returned once again, to the resort.

With my chores completed I decided to see if Dan wanted to go shoot some pool. We rode our bikes to the pool hall, selected a table and had just begun playing a game of 8-Ball, when Heinz and Carl walked in and took the adjacent table.

The four of us played pool until our feet grew too tired to stand any longer.

Dan and I left a few minutes after Heinz and Carl, riding our bikes back to the north side of the resort.

Marilyn spent most of her afternoon studying Spanish and was in need of a break from her studies.

I took a shower, put on some clean clothing, and walked with Marilyn, to Dan & Pat’s place.

We sat outdoors with a cold drink and talked about this wonderful life we are living. Jesse and Ginger walked over to join with us and contributed to the conversation. The one word which comes up time and again when having a discussion about the appeal of the full-time Rver lifestyle is “Freedom”!

That is a subject for an entire journal entry so I will not address it here at this time.

With much laughter and animated conversation, we finally decided to all ride together to “Linn’s”, a Chinese buffet restaurant nearby in Weslaco.

Marilyn & I headed back to our RV to grab a jacket. A few minutes later we were picked up by Dan & Pat, and then we stopped to pick up Jesse & Ginger. The six of us riding together, with lively chatter all the way, stuffed into a pickup truck. It was fun!

Every one of us managed to stuff ourselves to the brim, topping off the meal with ice cream.

What a nice time we had today. The company of wonderful friends who share this journey with us, fun activities to occupy our time and fill our day with joy, and warm weather to keep us happy, all combined to make this a truly fine and pleasant day.

So another day of retirement draws to a close while we look forward to tomorrow and whatever adventures it may have in store…..

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