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Jon and Sheree Newlyweds from Israel

Cameron and Melody from Oklahoma

La Abuela Resort

Another View of Lake Apoyo

Canadian Bicycle Family

What A Rig!

Our second morning at Lake Apoyo, after partying with 2 newlywed Isralies and 2 teens who were there for Spanish classes, our morning must be early up and about to take advantage of the ¨mandatory¨ buffet breakfast....we were not planning on eating lunch but taking advantage of the dinners. Dinners are held under the full moonlight, shared tables and more conversation. A group of 14 college students from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania livened up the place. After sitting on an innertube to the floating dock, in the "healing waters" of Apoyo, I awakened with a sore throat and today cannot speak! Lucky Regina! I now have laryngitis!

We took a long walk in the afternoon to see other available places to stay, but none as nice as Crater´s Edge....had a drink at a lovely, but very pricey place La Abuela on the lake. A gorgeous lake but really nothing more to do but enjoy the lake and views.

On our way back to Crater´s Edge we met a couple from Vancouver who had bicycled all the way to Nicaragua. Their final destination is Panama. They even had their beautiful little daughter accompanying them in a pull-along trailer.

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