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Lined up for coffee

Not up front for this group

John is ready to go

On board the wagon

Aloe fields

Planted 40" apart

Cutting the leaf to get to the aloe

Like fileting a fish

Look at that!

An avocado forest

One of the orange trees

Ginger going after one special orangeL

Heinz being the tallest, gets to be the picker

Bacl at the aloe farm

Our hostess

Marilyn & I were awake early but we were not walking this morning. We had a tour scheduled. We enjoyed our morning coffee as normal, listening to soft music, and had the visual effect of our fireplace to enhance the morning.

Marilyn fixed soft boiled eggs for our breakfast.

We were dressed and waiting outdoors as the group gathered at 8:30 AM.

Heinz & Irene rode with us and we led the small caravan of vehicles, a van with Canadian citizens behind us, followed by Carl & Linda riding with Jesse & Ginger.

A gentleman named John was waiting in the parking lot of the Aloe farm when we arrived. He pointed out the location where we should park and directed us inside a small building where hot coffee waited.

Other cars arrived and soon there were 19 people in all, forming the tour group.

We were all led outside to an open sided trailer pulled by a small tractor. With everyone seated, we were driven to the aloe fields where John demonstrated the technique of obtaining the aloe from the plant. He also explained the planting, crop care, harvesting and marketing of the aloe plants.

We then toured an avocado farm which had quite a few pawpaw trees growing in among the avocado trees.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the orange grove where we picked an orange from the tree, peeled and ate it, while listening to the history of the owners family, explained by John.

We then rolled along to the aloe farm again, stopping at a man-made pond, before arriving at the gift shop building.

The owner, a very spry lady more than 80 years young, gave us a presentation explaining the history of the land, the uses for the product, etc.

Her husband is an artist working with sand art in small bottles. He layers different colors of sand in small, clear bottles, forming a picture including animals, mountains, trees, etc. Truly a talented man.

By this time it was 12 noon and they served us a fine lunch with baked chicken, meat loaf, potatoes, gravy, baked beans, green beans, corn, cole slaw, chips with guacamole, jello, and pie. Soft drinks, water, tea and coffee were also provided, all included in the $9.00 per person cost for the tour. A real bargain in my book!

Back at the RV, I was ready for a nap, but Gordon had called informing us that they would be back at Llano Grande at 2:00 PM. He would appreciate us greeting him and taking pictures of their arrival with their new rig.

Many of the gang were here to greet them and look at the shiny new 5th wheel home.

I do have pictures but it is only fair to e-mail them to Gordon and let him tell you all about it. Check out his web site at:


Once the excitement died down, I went inside to take a little power nap.

Awake about an hour later, I sat at the computer reading e-mail and playing games.

Marilyn spent some time with her Spanish lesson homework before heating the leftover beef roast and veggies for our dinner.

Now our intent is to relax and watch some TV tonight.

The weather forecast is for cooler temps and maybe some rain for the next two days.

So, today was a fun day spent in the company of good friends. We would like to have had Dan & Pat and Ted & Sue with us, to complete the “gang” of good friends, but they had been on this tour before, and highly recommended it to us.

We look forward to a good night of sleep tonight and can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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