Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Spy blimp from ground

spy blimp from on top

playing around

off to war

up to the cave

Well, we finally went off the deep end (almost literally). Someone had told us that if we liked Montezumas Pass, that we would love Carr Canyon, so off we went with our trusty sidekicks. Newell and Linda with us in the HHR, and Dennis and Marilyn (and dogs)in the big dually truck. We filled up with gas down below, and Dennis wanted to get a picture of the spy blimp floating over the border. It is WAY up, so he used his zoom lens. Little did we know that when we got to the end of Carr Canyon, we would be almost eye to eye with the blimp. We have put that little HHR (and our nerves) to the test many times on this trip, but that was the best (or worst)yet. The road was one lane of rutted dirt and rock. Riding along the edge of a very steep cliff, Newell said we would have a permanent crease on the leather seat from where he was clenching his butt cheeks. I guess it is scarier when you aren't driving, because Dennis and I weren't scared at all. That is what I thought, until I went to bed that night. Sue said she woke me up about 5 times, because I kept dreaming I was sliding off the side of the mountain. It was kinda scary knowing you had no where to turn around, and had to keep going up. The higher we went, the worse the "road" got. We finally came to a wide spot in the road, so being the democracy that we are, we voted. Dennis and I were out numbered, and we turned around. It was just as scary going down. But, we lived to tell the tale. Onward, to Coronado cave. We stopped in the visitors center and played with the spanish conquistitors armor. We joked that when I put on the helmet, my head was TOO big. When Sue put on the helmet, her head was TOO small. When Linda put on the helmet, her head was JUST right, so she had to go to war. We had a picnic lunch, then headed up the side of the rocky mountainside for the 1 mile hike to the cave opening, armed with flashlights and cameras. I must be getting in better shape, I didn't think it was that bad. Others thought it was very strenuous. When we got to the opening, Dennis, Sue, Linda and I climbed and slid over and down boulders to get into the pitch dark cave. IT WAS SO WORTH IT. About 10 feet in, if you turned off the lights, you were in COMPLETE darkness. There were some very cool formation inside. Sue and Linda went about 1/8 of the way in, and waited while Dennis and I went the rest of the way. We came back, took some pictures and headed out. In the pictures, you can see the dust floating around us.

The pictures are on a disc from others, so I have to figure out how to send them. Sorry.

More later.

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