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Beautiful beaches at Nungwi






We started this morning off bright and early with a snorkelling trip off one of the smaller islands 30 mins by boat from Nungwi.

There were 6 of us all from our tour, and we were all chomping on the bit to jump into the water. Soon after we got in, we started to get the odd stinging/prickly sensation here and there. Then Lammie saw a fair sized transparent object floating slowly towards her goggles --JELLYFISH!!!!!

Before we knew it, there were lots of them, all rather small, but still packed a punch. We quickly scrambled out of the water and moved to a different location. There were jellies here too, but not as many. Since we were still really keen on getting on with the snorkelling, we all jumped in. About an hour later, we started hearing more and more grunts and people got stung. After a getting a certain number of stings (especially when you get one in the face), you need a break. We started heading back towards the boat only to find there was a whole school of them between us and the boat!!!


Again, we moved to a different location, further out in the sea, to an exposed coral head. The snorkelling was excellent here as there were no more jellies, and there was plenty of beautiful fish and coral!!

In the late afternoon, back on the beach, the group of us decided to all get gecko henna tattoos. It was a lot of fun, and pretty cheap too.

We all had a great day, jellies and all. Just another day at the beach...

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