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roadrunner avoiding the coyote-atop someones motorhome

formations in Chiricahua National Monument

more formations - these things are huge!

More rocks (these things are as big as buildings

yup, more big rocks

and still more - yes, that is snow on the ground

driving down from the mountain

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't written sooner. We have been very busy.

On New years eve, we went to a party in the Barn. We had a great time, and celebrated 3 midnights. Did a lot of eating, visiting, and dancing. We were known as the YMCA kids the next day. After the party, went into the hot tub along with Dennis and Marilyn, to start the new year. We looked at the stars, and wished family and friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR, did you hear us?

The next day we took it easy. Who am I kidding, we take every day easy. Although, our work around the park is paying off. The park owner and our boss keep telling us how many compliments they are getting about us, and what a good job we are doing.

On Fri. Newell and Linda got to the park. It was good to see them again

On Sat., we went to the Chiricahua National Monument. We got to use the Golden Age Passport. WHAT A DEAL. Who says there are no benefits to aging?

It is supposed to be a 20 minute drive to the top of the mountain. It took us 2 hours! It is so spectacular, we spent the whole time saying "look up". These formations have to be seen to be believed! Things that should never balance, are just hanging there! Again, the pictures don't capture the truth of it.

There was a young couple standing by a cool tree on top of the mountain, so I invaded their privacy, and took a picture. As they went by, I told them, and said I could email it to them. The girl said, "oh thank you, it is our honeymoon, and we forgot our camera". I took a few more for them and sent them too. They looked very much in love. I pray it lasts for them.

After being awed at Chiricahua, we sped over to Cochise Stronghold, but the sun was already setting, so it wasn't as pretty as before.

The problem with waiting so long between entries, is that I forget what we did.

I will end this entry, and ask Sue if she remembers.

More later.

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