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Gordon & Juanita at the Las Vegas Cafe

Ed & Marilyn

Outside the Las Vegas Cafe

Ed's "Onions, garlic, peas, and spicy sausage" dish

Irene and Jesse at the dance

Ed & Irene talking things over

Juanita, Heinz and Gordon

Jesse and Ed

Heinz and Jesse

Pat and Ed

Sue gives us a great smile

Marilyn and Pat

Irene and Sue

Marilyn and Ginger


Ted & Heinz

Pat & Dan show they still have it.

Dale & Linda

Proof that we were out there!

One more for posterity

Pat, Sue and Irene pose with "Elvis"

The gals can really dance!

One more!

OK, this is the last one!

We had a very busy day yesterday and did not return to our little “cabin on wheels” until after 10:00 PM. That was too late for me to write with any sense of clarity at all.

This entry will obviously be late but I will try to get back to writing each evening, of that days events.

Yesterday we had our morning coffee and then hopped in the truck to follow Gordon & Juanita to Harlingen for breakfast at the Las Vegas Café. They have been telling us about the good food at this place and other readers have also mentioned it as a good place to eat.

When we arrived, it took only a few minutes for us to be seated. Once our food was served, we were not disappointed because it was excellent. The food was super good, the service was top notch, and each of the young girls working as waitresses must have come from a beauty contest somewhere as they were truly gorgeous.

Did I mention that the prices were much less than normal, also, which only added to the charm of this place. In fact, the only downside was the 15 miles or so we had to drive to get there.

By the time we were finished with breakfast, there was a line of people waiting to get in, and people standing around outdoors, who were unable to even get inside the door. Pretty amazing!

Marilyn & I parted with Gordon & Juanita when we left the Las Vegas Café, driving back to Weslaco to the Wal-Mart. I filled the truck with diesel fuel and we purchased over $100 in groceries, so that was an expensive trip.

Back at the resort, we put groceries away and did a few chores around the RV.

I then rode my bike over to Dan & Pat’s place. Dan is pretty good at fixing things and I wanted his opinion on how to repair an awning attach bracket on our rig. One of the bolts came out and will not tighten down.

Dan came down and looked at it, made a couple of suggestions and thought maybe we should get Ted’s opinion, since Ted is also quite talented in that area. I was about to leave with Dan, to go see Ted when Marilyn peeked out the door and said our friend, Dennis, back in Monroe City, MO, was on the phone.

It was a pleasure to talk to Denny for awhile. We have been friends for about 30 years now and he, along with his wife, Sonja, are two of the blessings in our lives.

I took advantage of the visit with Denny to ask him about the repair methods for the awning bracket also, and he made several good suggestions.

I then rode my bike over to join Dan & Ted who were discussing possible options for me.

Dan & I ended up going to the hardware store in Mercedes, but we haven’t begun any repairs yet. I want to talk to the factory on Monday, to inquire if the backing plate for that bracket is wood or metal. I need to know what type of material the screw is going in to. We think it is wood and that the wood may have split. I will keep your curious minds informed as we go along with this project.

We had time to relax for a few minutes, until there was a knock on the door. It was our friend, Ponch, letting us know that he and Pat would not be going to the “Cruisers” dance party because Pat wasn’t feeling well. I went next door to see Dale & Linda, who were delighted to get the tickets. These two good people are avid dancers and appreciated the opportunity to join us. We were also delighted to have them at our table!

I was just about to undress and take my shower when Carl came to our door. He and Linda also were not going to use their tickets. Once again, I headed off to find someone who wanted to attend the dance, but time was really short at this point.

Bill & Lynn from Canada, were happy to take the tickets off our hands.

We met these folks last year and knew they would be fine to have at our table.

I hurridly took my shower and waited only a few minutes for our ride.

Jesse & Ginger picked us up at 6:30 PM and we were off. Everyone took a snack for the table and their own drinks.

The music was all from the 50’s and 60’s, many couples were dressed like that era, including poodle skirts on some of the ladies, and one guy wore an “Elvis” wig. The music was good, and just like in High School, sometimes it was the girls dancing together while the guys sat and talked.

I have to admit that we did get up and dance much more than we normally would.

Jennifer called us on her way home from work, and we had to go outside by the swimming pool to talk to her. It was so noisy inside that we couldn’t hear anything.

Everyone had a good time and I do have pictures to share with you today.

It was a fine, busy day yesterday, and I did not get my normal journal entry done. Here it is though, and now we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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