Santiam Pass

Broken snow chains in the tree

Hoodoo Ski Resort

Autobahn Tubing Park

Hoodoo Ski Lift

The tubing area

Another view

Our double tube

Hooking our tubes up to be pulled up the mountain

This is me being pulled up by the cable

The net I hit :-)

A view of Mt. Washington on the way back

A one lane bridge going to see Suttle Lake

View from the bridge

Suttle Lake Lodge

One of the cabins on the lake

Lake Suttle

Today we drove about 45 miles to visit the Hoodoo Ski Resort, about 20 miles past the town of Sisters, Oregon. It was a beautiful drive over the Santiam Pass. We had to drive very carefully because there is still a lot of ice on the roads in the higher elevations. I even saw a tree with snow chains hanging in the branches. I am not sure how that happened, but I bet it's not good. The Santiam Pass is a 4,817-foot mountain pass in the Cascade Range. We drove over this pass when we first came to Bend. It was beautiful then, but it was incredible with all the snow today.

The Hoodoo Ski Area also has a tubing park called the Autobahn. We have always wanted to go snow tubing and today was the day. We arrived about 2 PM and got our passes. You pay $12 for ten runs, which we figured would be plenty. You can pay $25 and go as many runs as you wish, all day. A great deal for sure. Our grandsons would love the all day pass but a few runs was all we wanted. It was so cool! They have a cable that pulls your tube up the mountain and drops you off in a huge hole they dug in the snow. You have to get off fast. I found that out the hard way when a man tumbled right on top of my tube. The next time I moved out of the way fast. :-)

I took pictures but for some reason a lot of them were blurry. I guess that was not a great place to take the camera. The first run we rode together on a double tube. It was fun, but we stopped before the end of the run. The next time we rode single and it was a blast. I went so fast that I ran into the stop-net at the bottom. They have a huge snow hill with a net behind it in case you are going too fast at the end. It didn't hurt but was a bit scary at the time. It is funny... NOW. :-) We had a wonderful time and plan to do it again later at Mount Bachelor. This area is full of places to play in the snow. They have parks off the main highways called Sno-Parks. You pay a fee of $20 for the year and you can stop and play in any of the parks for as long as you wish. This is the perfect place to spend the winter if you love snow like we do.

On the way back we stopped and took a few pictures of Mt. Washington and a beautiful lake called Suttle Lake. They have a lodge there with cabin rentals right on the lake. It was beautiful with snow all around the banks. I hope you enjoy the pictures, please forgive the blurry ones. More later from Bend.

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