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Hola from Moreila. It is about three hours from Queretaro and about four hours from Mexico City. The town itself is quite touristy and pricey. I´ve booked into a hostel but I think it is the type of place putting up an insect net is an essential (I almost left my insect net in Mexico City hostel with my spare clothes). I hope it is okay. There seems to be not much between $200NZ per night and under $50. I´m in the under $50.

Tomorrow I do a 9 hour day trip to the monarch butterflies. Should be great and it is in English. Now I should just say that well my spanish is now good enough to hold what are often long conversations, when there are particular topics, like biology of monarch butterfly, it is useless for me to do them in Spanish. Like the haunted tour, sometime I just didn´t know the spanish words for haunted things like ghost.

Today started out with a little drama. At the Queretaro bus station my wallet fell out of my pocket (stupid me I didn´t zip it up after I got it out) and it has a credit card in (I´ll explain why later). So I looked around the area where I got out and it wasn´t there. Told the police officers just in case someone handed it in and then ran looking at the hundred odd yellow taxis in the airport area, after what was running for about a football field, the taxi driver waived out to me. She hadn´t noticed the wallet, which was on the back seat floor but she thought I needed a lift back into town. Sometimes I think God goes watch this, allows some drama, and then makes sure it is all okay. I manage to get a bus fairly quickly and I sat with a woman who chatted to me in spanish for most of the journey. I learnt all sorts about the area but it is very tiring trying to understand topics other than travel spanish, like her grandson won a competition as the most beautiful baby. But she was really lovely.

I´ll travelling with a false but real wallet. The wallet has my visa in it because after gaining advice from some Germany people about when they had their bus hijacked, it is better to have a false wallet with a credit card in it and then the robbers don´t look for a money belt, than none. So I have my NZ drivers licence, a decent amount of cash and my visa in case I am bus jacked... but when I dropped my wallet all I could think of was the hassle of cancelling a visa. But it all worked out!

I doubt I´ll log on tomorrow as I will be back late and then probably eat and go to bed.

It was a little sad to leave Queretaro as I´d hung out with some great people, including Shelley who owns Home B&B (great place to stay), she came with Ellen (from the US) and I to the dancing water fountan, like they have in Las Vegas except this one is in front of an amazing catedral. So another night walking home at midnight, and it felt safe. I didn´t drink though.

I am SO looking forward to the mountains and butterflies. I´ll make sure I take lots of photos.

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