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Avenue of the Giants

A Big Tree

Fallen Tree

This morning we left Eureka again heading south along California highway # 101. Our plan was to only travel about 60 miles for the day so that we could stop and tour “The Avenue of the Giants”. The night before we had identified a RV Park that we thought sounded good in a local newspaper ad. The park was about 55 miles south of Eureka at a place called Myers Flats. We were both surprised and disappointed with the RV Park when we arrived. It was pretty dumpy, rundown and in no way compared to the ad we had seen. We decided not to stay there and headed further down the 101 to Dean Creek Motel & RV, about 15 miles further to the south. We were glad we did. The Park was much nicer and the staff were more friendly helpful with suggestions on what to see in the area.

After setting up camp we headed back up the road to drive along The Avenue of the Giants. The avenue runs north south along highway 101 for about 30 miles through old redwood forests that you would not see if you stayed on the main highway. The redwoods are the tallest trees in the world growing to a height of 300 to 350 ft with diameters up to 50 ft. These trees have been recorded to be as old as 2000 years with most around 1000 years in age. I remember seeing a picture when I was much younger of a car actually driving through one of these trees. We did not pay to go into this tourist attraction but after viewing some of the trees on our hike, it is easy to believe that some are actually big enough to drive through (although maybe not with the F350).

After our drive we stopped in the town of Garberville to check out the surroundings. The temperature was plus 14C so we decided to have an ice cream cone. I commented to Connie that it would be hard to envision eating an ice cream today walking down the streets of Calgary or Regina with their frigid temperatures.

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