High Desert Museum

Cool entrance

Noble Presence

Deer Family

Our favorite

The Museum

The DeMoss Stagecoach

Old Ford

Columbia Plateau Display

Columbia Plateau Display

Columbia Plateau Display

Beautiful jewelry

Display of the Columbia Plateau People

1890 Beaded Purse

Spirit of the West

Outside to visit the Birds of Prey and Otter displays

Otter Entrance

Info about the Otter

The best I could get of him in his den

Next was the wildlife viewing area

Jerry checking it out :-)

My turn :-)

Close Your Eyes

Mare & Foal

Beaver Family

Rainbow Trout

Can you see the Trout?

Info about Cheney Pond

Duck in the pond

The icy water was flowing fast and was very loud

Another view of the stream

Nursery Info

Walk to see the Birds of Prey

Raptors of the Desert Sky

Praire Falcon

Golden Eagle

Bald Eagle

A cool turtle

Nice Trading Post

Bug Display 1

Bugs 2

Bugs 3

Bugs 4

The big bug :-)

The bug room

A Tarantula on the right

Ugly bug

Bee display was cool

The best pic I could get of the Lynx in his den

Jerry checking out the West Room

Old medicine display

Hospital room

Yikes! You have to read this one. :-)

More from the Old West

Old Mine

Bobcat info


Last one!

I have been a bit lazy about posting, so I am trying to do a catch up today. :-) We visited the High Desert Museum about 7 miles outside of Bend. It was fantastic! It was a bit chilly walking the outside paths with the weather in the 20's, but we enjoyed it much.

The outside had a ton of stuff to see, but we were mostly interested in the Wild Bird and Otter displays. We also visited a cool pond with a ton of Rainbow Trout. I would love to go back on a warmer day and visit all the other outside displays including the old 1880 Homestead Ranch and more. Please excuse the bad pictures taken inside the Museum. You are not allowed to use flash so I did the best I could with what I had. If you are ever in the Bend area, don't miss this one. It is one of the best we have seen.

Our favorite was the Spirit of the West section. I am adding a ton of pictures to show you what we saw. They also had a most unusual "Bugs" display. They had everything from Tarantulas to some really ugly creatures on display. There was also a snake department. All you will see from that section is one turtle picture I took. I walked through that one fast.

Our favorite animals were the Bobcat and the Lynx. The Lynx was sleeping most the time but the Bobcat did wake up and visit. I hope you enjoy the pictures. More later from Bend.... and a Happy, Healthy and Very Blessed New Year to All!

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