2008 Ashore...but not for long travel blog

Exuma Cays Sea Park

Cocktails on "My Pretty Penny"

Boo Boo Hill

Bananaquits on J's foot

Chapter III on mooring

"My Sharona"

Warderick Wells

The journal is useful to record the good things we do and the amazing feats of accomplishment. It occasionally serves as a reminder that Bill does really stupid things. On our recent stay in Highborne as Jean was cooking on the stove, Bill sallied forth without glasses to the electrical panel in the dark pilot house. You would think that after five years, the switches for the galley blower and the deck washdown pump, altho adjacent on the panel, would be familiar. But after about a half hour, without exhausting the galley, Jean discovered salt water running out of Bill's clothes closet. The pump had filled the gear locker atop the clothes and leaked down inside. The next three days we had a lot of rugs and clothing on display as they dried out.

This would be our fourth visit to the park in as many years. When we were last here they were beginning a huge expansion of the mooring field near Emerald Rock and planned to put other moorings in the adjacent cays. On arrival this time it became clear that the expansion is in place and includes Shroud, Hawkbill and Cambridge Cays in the footprint. Each mooring is $20.00 a day and the headquarters has a solid wireless coverage for the Warderick and Emerald Rock location. In years past we had to troop into the ranger headquarters for a very limited bandwidth. On Monday afternoon we were assigned a spot in the Emerald Rock field and soon dinghied in to pay for a couple of days and sign up for the internet. Not much had changed at the station…the little bananaquit birds still flock to anyone with a few grains of sugar and the trails were well marked with information on the various flora.

We headed off to Boo Boo Hill to see if our past had remained intact. It is the tradition to mark and leave behind a piece of driftwood, shell or rock with the boat and date of visit. It is the highest point on the island and growing more so with the deposits of memorabilia by the passing cruisers over the year. Our rock from years past had slipped beneath the pile so it was time to start with a new marker. This was remedied with a chance piece of driftwood, some frantic carving and a black magic marker.

Tuesday we moved in to a mooring just off the office and well protected. That night we joined cruisers from Virginia aboard Pretty Penny for a potluck. This was followed Wednesday on Chapter III for drinks and a little "Mexican Train" that went into the wee hours as we prepared for a cold front to descend on the central Bahamas. It passed early on Thursday. Friends on My Sharona, another Selene showed up on Thursday and we visited them for the sunset toast and Bill's birthday. Tomorrow, we will take advantage of some good traveling weather to move south to Black Point Settlement.


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