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Me with the nun and the ghost

The elephant in the square

One of the most historic buildings in Mexico

The problem with Queretaro is that it is AWESOME. It is the kinda of town I can walk around for 10 hours and still manage to find a new plaza ..square... And there is so much to do in the surrounding area. It is safe to walk at midnight. In the morning the locals say hello.

A little bit about Queretaro. It is where the wealthy people from Mexico City come to hang out... the town oozes wealth. It gets few English speaking tourists so that is kinda cool. I rely on my spanish knowledge here as most of the interaction is in spanish. It is good practice, although today at a cafe when I asked for a knife in spanish the girls in the kitchen laughed at how I pronounced it.

Queretaro is one of three very important historical towns. Where the constitution for Mexico was developed, where the revoluation for independence began, and where the national anthem was first played. I cant recall if I put that in the last blog, so sorry if you hear it twice.

I spent a day just wondering around, stopping for coffee and cake occassionally. I went to the Museum and the art gallery. There was an exhibition of photographs taken by children from a nearby town. Simply amazing. I even brought their book ...The buildings of the museums and galleries themselves are art works.

In the evening I went to a haunted house tour in spanish. Fortunately a US Professor called Dennis from our hostel also come along as while I can get possible 2 out of 4 spanish words, as it headed past 10pm I started to get 1 word out of 10. And I needed to swot up on haunted house terms in spanish like witch and ghost, abortion, foetus, before I went. So Dennis was very helpful in translating. We would walk into these beautiful houses in the dark and occassionally a ghost would jump out and scare people. I laughed until my ribs hurt. I could get the hang of screaming when the ghost would jump out in front of me, I would just laugh. and sometimes when we were listening to someone, the ghost or another character would put their arms around someone in a couple and then the person would turn around and scream... very funny. As part of the tour we got to see some very beautiful places but always in the dark.

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