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Last year while we were here at Llano Grande, a musical group called the “Cruisers” appeared here to play music from the 50’s and 60’s. They were extremely popular and sold out quickly. Many of the park residents including us did not see them at that time.

Tickets for this years appearance went on sale this morning and we had been told to be at the Rec Hall by 7:00 AM to get tickets.

The rule was that one person could purchase up to 10 tickets, which would fill one of the round tables with 10 people.

The kicker was that you had to provide the ticket sellers with the names and site numbers of each of the 10 people who would be sitting at the table. That system was designed to avoid the problems from last year.

It seems that last year, people from outside the resort came in and purchased tickets making fewer tickets available for those who are staying here.

Irene and I rode our bicycles to the Rec Hall in time to arrive by 7:00 AM, even though the tickets did not go on sale until 9:00 AM. I know, that is a long time to wait. That is for sure!

They did start a list and Irene & I were numbers 10 and 12 on the list to purchase tickets. Each of us would purchase 10 tickets and were assigned tables next to each other, so all of our group will be able to sit together on Jan 10th when this event takes place.

I will report on this event and have pictures for you the next day.

Once we were back at the RV, we decided to go to Mingo’s for breakfast. Kit rode with us and we ordered coffee or tea while we waited for Jerry to join us. Jesse & Ginger were also on the way to share the fun.

All of us ordered breakfast even though they were serving lunch by the time we ordered our meal.

One more thing before we returned to the resort. Our daughter, Jennifer, has been asking me to try the peppermint blizzard offered by Dairy Queen as its flavor of the month. Jennifer knows that I like peppermint ice cream and she inquires each time we speak on the phone whether or not I have tried that treat.

OK, I had to try it. Even though I had just eaten a good breakfast, we stopped at the DQ and used the drive through to order a small peppermint blizzard.

Thanks, Jen. You were correct, sweetheart, that was yummy!

Now back at the RV it was time to watch a little football on TV. Gordon stopped by to visit for awhile and after he left, I moved to the bedroom for a nap.

Marilyn was outdoors sitting in her lounge chair reading her book and I heard laughter. I was nearly asleep but thought I should check it out lest I miss out on some fun. It was Gordon talking to Marilyn, so I grumbled something like “A man can’t even get a nap in around here!” He laughed in return and we visited for a few minutes before I returned to my “nap”.

Not long after that, Marilyn peaked in and told me that Jesse & Ginger were here so I went back outside. They were on their bikes and couldn’t stay long. We enjoyed the short visit until these good folks headed home, and I then returned to my horizontal position on the bed to inspect the back side of my eyelids.

A bit later, Marilyn opened the door and informed me that Kit & Jerry were here. Back outdoors to sit on the patio, we chatted away. Gordon heard the laughter and walked over to join us, bringing his chair over.

We all sat around laughing and talking about nothing serious at all.

It wasn’t long until Juanita returned from a “quilting” activity and joined us.

The breeze picked up a little bit and changed directions to come out of the north. The temperature dropped enough to make a sweatshirt comfortable, and everyone headed back to their own RV for some dinner.

Marilyn heated some chimichangas for our dinner and we settled in to watch the Utah / Alabama football game.

That is sort of the way a normal day goes around here. No big planned activity. Just a laid back, relaxed way of life. Good people stopping by and the enjoyment of sitting outdoors in January with warm temperatures, a cold drink, laughter and animated conversation, smiles on the faces of everyone, and an overall feeling of well-being. Life is good!

So, if you ever wonder what we do on a day when we do nothing of consequence, well dear friends, now you know.

So, another wonderful day flows gently to a close, and now we just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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