Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Sue, Aunt Harriet and cousin Lee

Lee and Dave

View from Montezumas Pass- Coronado National Forest

Me pretending to hang. UGHH

Gulf of Mexico-about 100 miles away.

Fence between U.S. and Mexico - made from old train track rails

Border patrol hiding out.

Boulder that fell just after we passed. It was huge, with the...


The day after Christmas, we went to Sun City West to see Sues Aunt Harriet, and her cousin Lee and husband Dave.

We went out to supper at Harriets complex . We had a great meal and a great visit. She seemed very happy to see us, and we really enjoyed ourselves talking about the old days.

We went back to Dave and Lees and watched a movie. "the full monty'. Then turned in.

We rose in the morning to Dave and Lee making oatmeal pancakes and sausage. We visited some more, then we had to get back to the park. We wish we could have stayed, but plan on getting back there in Feb.

Thank you Dave and Lee for a great time!

When we got back to the park, there was snow on the ground! WHAT THE? It melted, and things are back in the high 60's.

Yesterday, we went to the Coronado National Forest. We drove up to Montezumas Pass (about 6700'. We then had to climb about another 1000'. But, it was worth every bit of it! As I have said before, the pictures can't begin to capture the awesomeness of the views. Coronado traveled thru here in 1540. There is so much history, and to just stand there, where he was almost 500 years ago.

When we got to the peak, "There's a kind of hush", by Hermans Hermits was on the radio. We cuddled, and had a moment. It was very nice.

As we were approaching the peak, I said to Sue, "we are on the top of the world". All of the sudden we heard, "Toby" booming from out of nowhere. We looked around, surprised, and again heard, "Tooooby". We thought God was calling us home. It was a couple we had met when we were in Elephant Butte NM. Brent and Marcia. It was so strange, and has been the laugh of many, whenever we tell it.

When we left the peak, we were going to continue on, instead of going back the way we came. I didn't tell you, the road up was one lane, rudded road, on the edge of a 6000' drop. That was a freeway compared to the road beyond the peak. It was going to be 50 miles of road that was even worse. We went about 1/2 mile, and it took 20 minutes. There was no way to turn around, until we came upon the border patrol truck that was hiding, and we turned around, and headed back the way we came. When I took the picture of the truck, I figured they would take the camera, but they didn't. I would love to have the jeep down here.

The boulder in the picture had fallen right after we passed. It doesn't look big in the picture because the truck looks so big, but believe me, it was huge.

I hope I am not boring you all with this, but I hope some day all of you can come here and experience some of this beautiful country. We love it.

Tonight, we are going to a celebration for New Years. Wishing you all a great new year.

Newell and Linda are coming over on Friday for a month. We are excited to see them again.

More later.

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