Duane & Jo's U.S. and Canada Tour: 2008 travel blog

Reflections on Our Trip

We absolutely loved taking this trip! As we look back over our pictures we are amazed at all that we saw and did. Even though we traveled for 143 days, we never wished to “just be home.” Good thing, because the RV is our only home for now. And we are enjoying it so much that we are considering continuing to travel for an extended period of time. We have met several couples on our trip that travel full time and said they started thinking they would take one trip and are on their 3-4-or 5th year of traveling. It has proven to be a relatively easy way to travel. We always went to sleep and woke up in our own bed not in a series of hotel rooms. We could fix our own food or eat out as we chose so we lived a more “normal life” than most travelers. Our 250 square feet of living space requires us to keep our life simple, and that is a very free feeling. Several people have asked us how far we traveled or how much the gas cost so here are some of the statistics of our trip.

• Miles traveled in the RV: 10,500.

• Our total gas bill for the RV was $4,782.

• We averaged 7.5 mpg.

• In 30 fill-ups we used 1397 gallons of gas at and average cost of $3.42/gal.

• The most we paid for gas in the US was $4.70 Bishop, CA in July. Our least

expensive fill-up was $1.79 in Palm Springs in Dec. (We paid over $5/gal in parts

of Canada.)

• We towed our Honda CRV and put about 7,000 miles on it for a grand total of 17,500 miles. (And Duane drove almost all of them.)

• We camped in 46 different campgrounds and RV parks. Ten were in Canada, 36 in the U.S.

• We stayed at 16 campgrounds only 2 nights; our longest stay was 7 nights near Washington D.C.

• The most we paid/night for a camp site was $51, the least was $15.

• Our total camping bill was $3,915. We averaged $27.40/night for our 143 nights.

• We spent 1 night in a hotel while the RV was being serviced in New Brunswick.

• We took 1,790 pictures; of those 544 were posted on the blog.

• We were able to reconnect with friends and relatives as we traveled through the East and the Southwest. 17 families welcomed us into their homes or joined us at the RV

• In all our travels we saw less than 5 accidents – none of them serious.

• While we did have rain, we drove in very little bad weather and the weather never kept us from doing what we had planned.

• We stayed healthy and injury free. (Duane caught a cold our first day back in Orange County.)

• We watched very little television; but would check the internet for important news stories.

Since we enjoy visiting the natural parts of an area, camping in the RV was perfect for us. We would do our laundry and grocery shop as we went along, that gave us an added perspective of the places we visited. People ask us which was our favorite place and that is really impossible to say. At every stop we found many pluses and usually a few minuses.

We will enjoy the holidays and spend a month or so of the New Year in Orange County. Then we will drift north with a less highly developed itinerary, planning to spend time in the Bay Area with Matt and Wendy. Gradually we will go into the Pacific Northwest looking at homes for sale. This is a good time to buy but we are loving the freedom that our new life style has given us and aren’t sure we are ready to give it up. Perhaps we will spend another summer camping up and down the Western states, B.C. and Alberta.

We plan to continue our blog in 2009 when we hit the road again. We will let you know when we add more entries.

Until then a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Happiness, Health, and Wealth in the New Year.

Duane and Jo

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