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The beach along Tamarindo bay

Fishermen arriving home with the days catch

The sunset was spectacular

I happened to wake up last night about 2:30 AM and stepped outside to get some air. It was pitch black outside except for a single streetlight that shone over the fence onto the bike. The night watchman we were assured was on duty all night was fast asleep in a hammock. The scene did not instill confidence in the security for the motorcycle. I ended up having a fairly sleepless night, getting up and looking out at every noise outside.

I mentioned yesterday that the people seem pretty aggressive, at least in the sense of trying to sell us a room or a restaurant. When we walked out of the room this morning the first thing we encountered was a janitor washing the floor. He immediately started talking about breakfast and whistling to the waiters to come an get us.

The room was not great, the meals were not great, the prices were high and the atmosphere was not relaxing at all. We had thought we might spend a few days in El Salvador but right now our thoughts are turning towards getting out of the country. We decided to pack up and move along the coast towards the Honduran border.

When we crossed the border we were given some tourist information brochures that highlighted sever tourist attractions including the beaches. There were pictures of a very nice beach farther along the coast at Tamarindo Bay.

As we headed east along highway CA2 south our preconception of garbage filled ditches and poor villages along the roads became reality. There was still plenty of farmland with sugarcane or corn growing but it was not pretty countryside like we had first encountered in El Salvador yesterday.

We reached the turnoff for Tamarindo and had to stop and figure out if this was the correct turnoff since there were no signs indicating beaches, hotels or anything else. Not a good signal if this is one of the counties major tourist areas.

We followed the road which was paved about half way but turned into gravel/dirt with major potholes. We past 2 or 3 isolated hotels but nothing that caught our eye. We finally reached the town of Tamarindo and it was small and congested with a single dirt road down the middle. We did not bother even going into the town and turned around.

We stopped at one of the hotels we had seen. It was “ok” but not great. They wanted $75.00 and there wasn’t even a beach. A couple from New York, visiting family in El Salvador, approached us and told us about a much better, cheaper hotel on the road back to the highway.

We checked it out and it was much nicer, cheaper and on a very nice beach. We decided to stay.

We had entered El Salvador with an open mind. Most people we have talked to make a quick trip through El Salvador and now we are seeing why. The people are not friendly at all, it is expensive, dirty and unattractive as far as we have seen. It sucks and as Janine said, we have no need to stay in countries that suck!

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