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Beautiful clear water at the beach across from the house.

Washed up on the beach, the left over part after a baby...

A second beach within 5 minutes walk of the Bates residence.

Area of conservation where fishing is not allowed.

Beautiful Cave Beach, the scene of my second ever surf lesson.

View towards the caves.

Have you ever seen the like??!!

The result is spectacular!

Steve and his Dad, Winton, give the chucks a little prod to...

The morning after the night before began with a brusque walk down on the beaches early in the morning. What a great way to start the day:) Feeling good, I headed back to house to eat some more of the magnificent food which had been served up all the time since arriving at my friend Shona's in-laws.Shona and her Mother-in-law, Margaret, are absolute demons in the kitchen much to the delight of yours truly.

Not keeping still for a minute, Steve and I headed to the table tennis table after lunch. There he treated me to a real lesson. Never again will I mention my number 14 seeding when I was 14 again:) I got a right royal thumping!

My day of activity did not stop there however as Steve's brother, Andrew, and I headed for the National Park which is close by to check out the surf. Andrew decided to head in with the board and seemed to be getting some big enough waves to at least spend some of the time on the board. The waves couldn't have been that big however as he called me over from my swim to have a lesson. I have to say it must be one of the hardest sports I have tried but I managed to get on my knees at least before finding myself upside down under the board usually:))

Rather hungry after all the exercise for the day I was looking forward to dinner. I was promised something special which seemed a little odd as everything up until then had been rather special. BUT oh yes it was that little bit extra special indeed as Steve and his mum prised a couple of beer cans up the backsides of two unfortunate chucks! never had I seen this before ever but one thing is for sure I was glad not to be the one shoving the beer cans up the chucks bums:)) Incredibly though, by adding this little extra ingredient the chucks came off the barbie beautiful and moist. Let's here it for VB!!!

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