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Merry Christmas!

Day 1 of our Great Adventure to Texas!

OK, Jim & I were up early to get off as early as possible. It looked like we’d be off by 9:00 AM. Well, Mr. Harvey had other ideas. Jim went out around 8:00 to fire up Harvey and back him away from the back door. We had moved him up close on Wednesday so we could start carrying “stuff” out. Let me remind you it was raining on Wednesday when we moved him up and Thursday morning it was 18 degrees. We’d put the levelers down when we parked on Wednesday. Anyway, Jim started Harvey and put him in reverse, no go! He got out and looked and one of the levelers was frozen to the ground. So he did the good McGuiver thing to do and got his torch out and un-froze it. It went up. Got in again and it still would not go back. Now Jim decided the brakes were frozen! UGHH!! I kept telling Harvey we were going to 85-degree weather, but he wouldn’t budge! Jim remembered that our neighbor Richard had shown him a propane/electric heater he’d gotten his 25-year-old son for Christmas a few weeks ago. So we call on good ole Richard and he asked if he could borrow the heater. Richard said “Sure!” So over he walks carrying the box still wrapped in Christmas paper! I said, “Oh, no we were not opening Bryan’s present before he saw it!” Richard said, no problem, Bryan knew there was no Santa! So we opened the box, good ole skinny Richard crawled under Harvey and placed the heat towards the brakes. After about 20 minutes, Jim tried again, SUCCESS!! So by 10:00 we were off!

I need to tell you RV-ers about what I did to keep the heat up at the front of the RV and not have to heat the back. I got some of that stuff they use as insulating lining in drapes. Fixed them up as curtains and got a tension rod and we placed it behind our seats. Tah-Dah! We had the heat held up front. I felt real good until we go south that afternoon towards Oklahoma and it warmed up to 55 degrees. We figure it will be good when we run the dash air in the summer, also.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re always on the learning curve with problems or “adventures” with Harvey. We were going to take a break mid afternoon, found a truck stop, but some how drove past the entrance. Jim tried to find a turn around, thought we had, but couldn’t make the full turn. We were stuck in the middle of the street. (Luckily not a busy street.) Needed to back up, and can’t do that with the car in tow. So we jumped out, I pulled out the Brake Buddy, Jim unhitched us, I backed up, he backed up RV and we made the turn! Re-hooked up the car and were off. Didn’t need a break then after all that! I told Jim if they have a NASCAR competition in RV tow disconnect and re-connect, we could have a chance of winning!

Jim’s sister had called us around noon. They were about a day ahead of us to Texas. They had stopped the night before around Porter, OK as a good RV park. We were determined to get to Porter. We did around 7:30. It was dark and we made a wrong turn and did another tight turn around, but made it with car in tow this time.

I was walking around the building at the RV Park to find the restroom and tripped on a small step and fell! GRACE!!! Have a nice bump on my knee. At least no one saw the old girl go down!

Needless to say after our eventful day, Jim and I slept very well.

That’s it for Thursday.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

God Bless ~ Vicki

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