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Massaya volcano


This morning we got up early so we could try out Kathy´s waffle house. It´s funny as on Ometepe they had tried to translate the menu and waffles were muffles, honey was money, etc... so now we all refer to waffles as muffles.

Our hostel is really quaint. We have kitchen access after they´ve finished serving breakfast so John´s cooking dinner tonight. We just left him chopping tomatoes and he insisted he didn´t need help. There are clotheslines strung all over the place so we did some laundry in the sink and hung it out to dry. Since it´s VERY hot (at least 35) we go through more clothes so it´ll help reduce the laundry bill.

This morning we took off for Massaya to view the volcano which is constantly bubbling. All we saw was smoke and faintly smelled the fumes as the wind was blowing in the right direction. When it´s not they hand out gas masks. There are signs all over the place to park facing out so that if Massaya blows you can make a quick getaway. Interesting! We did a bunch of hiking and saw some beautiful views, stopped at the museum and went to the local artisan market. There´s some wonderful stuff there but.....we´re carrying backpacks :(. Just not enough room.

Next we went to a small town where 70% of the population makes ceramic pottery. We got a lesson on how to do it. It´s very involved and labour intensive but the creations are beautiful. I couldn´t resist and picked up a couple of small pieces. I would have LOVED to get more as they were selling it so CHEAP (bruhla as the blokes would say) and it was just gorgeous.

Back to Grenada and pick up our laundry, get a quick shower since we had no water this morning for MIke´s shower. Lucky me went first. hehe. Then we found an ice cream shop and got the most delicious banana splits (or banana splites as they called them on Ometepe lol). We explored Granada some more. There are so many people here from all over the world!

We explored a residential neighbourhood which is always fun so we could see how they live. Children are running everywhere. Homes are clean and kids´ are spotless in their uniforms, but NOT after school. School happens either in the morning from 7-12 or they go in the afternoon from 1 - 6. Everyone goes. With the new governement school is free right up to college.

Our last day in Granada was spent lounging at the Monkey Hut, a hostel on Crator lake, which, as it{s name implies, is the crator of a volcano. Yesterday we viewed it from above. Today we get to swim in in. There{s a floating raft and some inners tubes to play on and we just soaked up the sun and relaxed in preparation for the next two days of buses.

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