Downtown Bend

The Deschutes River running through town

What a beautiful place for our walk

Ducks were all over the place

We saw lots of sleds coming down the hill here

A walk to see the frozen bridge

What an awesome park

Walk on the bridge

View from the bridge

Pretty enough for a postcard

This lady loved Ollie's boots and made him pose for several pictures....

A home on the Deschutes River

Another one

Last house, what a beauty!

My favorite picture from the park

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We decided to stay home instead of going out to dinner. We ordered one of the take out Christmas packages from Fred Meyer this year. We were really impressed. You get a 12 pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls plus pumpkin pie.... and the cost was only $39. They have it ready anytime Christmas Eve for pick up. Everything is fully cooked and you just heat and eat. We had it for Christmas Eve dinner and again on Christmas day and still have a ton to freeze for later. I felt lazy not having to cook so I did make a green bean casserole. :-)

We decided to go downtown on Christmas day and walk around what is called Drake Park. It is an awesome park right in the middle of downtown Bend and has the Deschutes River running right through it. It is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever visited. It is hilly enough for people to sled and ski in. We saw a lot of people skiing and sledding and they were a lot of fun to watch. We drove a bit further down the river to see the frozen bridge crossing the water. I have never seen so many ducks, they were in the air flying and floating on the icy water and on the banks. Geese were flying over and honking too. It was the perfect place to have our Christmas walk and we enjoyed it much. They have water tubing here in the summer too. If you ever go to Bend, don't miss this park.

Today was a very busy day for us. We had a ton of snow accumulation on the top of our home on wheels. They kept saying on the news we are having a balmy warm up of 42 degrees today. We took this warm time to do a bit of clean up. Jerry got up on top of the motorhome and cleaned all the snow off the roof. I brushed the tables and chairs etc. and put fresh seed in the bird feeders. We also found that our ice maker had frozen solid and popped a piece off it. The water was pouring outside the wall. We took pictures of the area and he took it to the hardware store and showed a man there. Thank goodness he recognized what was wrong and sold him a piece to fix it. One problem fixed, but one more to go. :-)

Jerry went out to dump the black tank and guess what happened? The NEW hose he bought had a special lengthening hose so you could make it short or long. Well, when he tried out this new hose, it came apart right in the middle while the tank was emptying. Yikes! It reminded me of the movie RV. :-) He had to use the snow shovel for more than snow today, but all is well now. I have a lot of pictures to add from Christmas day at Drake Park. I hope you enjoy! More later from Bend.

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