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The past week I've spent working for my new job. It's a company called Loquendi that teaches languages. I was highered on as an English teacher, and since they were so busy for the last business week of the year, I started immediately. Most of the clients are business men. I spent the whole week working 9-6 with two guys from an engineering company. The Loquendi office takes me an hour to get to because I have to take the metro and switch to a bus, but half of the work is done out at the company I'm teaching to. I was a little nervous because I'd never taught before and technically wasn't even qualified for the job.

Luckily I remember some things about sentence structure and tenses from school. I worked all day and spent an hour or two at night preparing for the next day. I also was meeting my friends at night to say goodbye because everyone was leaving either to go home or for just a break for the holidays. I worked 30 hours this week, and I'll be paid for the hours that I worked. Starting January I'll be on a contract for an average of 15 hours a week. The job pays a steady salary of 1025€ a month before taxes. I also have to dress really nice so I had to buy some new dress shoes and I'll need to buy more dress clothes so I don't have to wear the same thing all the time. I'm supposed to get some actual training in January. The contract will be until the end of June so I finally have a timeline for how long I'll be here. I expect that I'll probably come home pretty soon after it ends.

By now all of my friends have left and even my roommate is gone. I'm thinking about doing some traveling for the holidays instead of sitting here alone.

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