Down Under - Winter/Spring 2009 travel blog

Qantas did the best it could, but there's nothing pleasant about a thirteen hour flight. It would have been even longer if it weren't for a strong tail wind; we flew about 630 mph. The four of us have latched on to an upper respiratory bug and were in various stages of coughing, sneezing and fevers adding to our flying enjoyment. We took off mid afternoon which meant that we didn't really feel like sleeping until the flight was almost over. The in flight entertainment system was stocked with films missed while we were gone and helped to pass the time.

Our layover in Los Angeles became lengthier because the flight to Chicago had been pushed back since we had booked the tickets. An earlier flight was available, but our bags were already checked through so we propped our eyelids open with our fingers and waited to be called. Ironically, when we arrived we couldn't find our bags right away, because they had been put on that earlier flight. But we're home with our suitcases, wondering if we came home too soon. Significant snowfall is in the forecast. Sigh....

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