Down Under - Winter/Spring 2009 travel blog

just a few tour stickers

under the Harbor Bridge

and past the Opera House

The sail back to Sydney was one of our rougher days, just as the captain had warned. The sky was blue, but the swells were over twelve feet and every so often we heard a large boom as the prow of the ship smacked the waves. If anyone got sea sick, it wasn’t apparent. The dining room was full for every meal as always. We couldn’t go on that final hour long walk on the life boat deck because the doors were locked. The deck was wet with spray. On the top deck the water in the pool put on a show, cascading high into the air with every swell. As we sailed north the weather warmed and the sweaters as well as everything else was packed away. Our suitcases are actually lighter than when we started. We’ve shopped very little, and all the information and literature we needed to make this trip a success has been jettisoned along the way

Disembarkation was as smooth as you can make it with 2,000 people getting off a ship reuniting with oodles of luggage. While we queued for taxis large semis pulled up filled with the food the people who will be sleeping in my bed will be eating tonight. We went down to Circular Quay in the afternoon to watch the Princess Sun sail under the Harbor Bridge and past the Opera House just as we did 28 days ago. They will have a great time.

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