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Harobr Bridge

Opera House

bridge climbers


harobr entrance

high cliff we rode bikes on

light house

people watching

ship's reflection

yacht harbor

After eight great days at the Hotel 59 enjoying our landlord’s brekkies (breakfasts) al fresco, it was time to shovel all our belongings back into the suitcase and head on to the next adventure. At least everything was clean. While the laundry next door would have charged us $20 to wash and dry two loads, we found a place a bit further down the street that let us do it ourselves for about $7. A mundane matter, but an important consideration when you are on the road as long as we have been. King’s Cross, the neighborhood Hotel 59 was in, is notorious for prostitution and the drug scene. While things did get rowdy there Friday and Saturday night, we found it an affordable place to live. The neighborhood had many restaurants, featuring a variety of ethnic groups and price ranges and judging by how busy they were, no one who lives there cooks much. At breakfast time lots of locals stopped by for coffee and breakfast. It felt like King’s Cross was a village within the big city where everyone knows your name.

As frequent cruisers, we were the first allowed on board the Sun Princess and had the ship to ourselves for a while. Compared to our last cruise on a Carnival ship, this ship is tastefully and elegantly decorated rather than looking like a cross between a whorehouse and a casino. We probably have about as much living space in our cabin as we did in the RV, but there will be no cooking taking place here.

The ship is totally full and of the 2,000 passengers less than 200 are Americans. Even on the days at sea, we will be getting that Aussie experience as we chat with our fellow passengers. The Sun Princess is about ten years old, which means that that there are few cabins with balconies, so we are in a cabin with a limited view of the sea. But this also means that our window does not look out on a deck where people can stroll by and observe our radiant beauty while we're in the cabin. We have only spotted two small children. Most of our fellow cruisers look to be within our age range. Working folks do not have the time to take such a long 28 day journey.

It was a breathtakingly beautiful day in Sydney as we sailed out. We have taken many photos of the harbor, but from this tall vantage point, we got yet another view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge at almost eye level. The brave folks climbing on the bridge waved enthusiastically as we passed under them. Sydney is a beautiful city and it is easy to imagine living there. It has an active cultural life, lots of parks and green areas, great shopping, and a good public transportation system. A world class city.

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