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Replacing a broken bolt int he water pump for the generator


Internetting at Ronnie's Barefoot Beach Bar

Cruise ship in Coxen's Hole, capital of Bay Islands

Mango trees blossoming

Typical West End sight

Buying our veggies

Cannibals, a little Mexican place

Buying fish and shrimp

My spotted trunkfish

A local boat with a thatched roof

Cleaning the hull

This poor injured crab was finished off by the birds right after...

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Is a gut wrenching night crossing worth the agony?

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Coxen's Hole

Where does time go? Here we are spending our fourth Christmas in the Caribbean. It's really not that different except that it is about 80 degrees (F) warmer and the only white we see is sand, not snow. People are out shopping in full force but they stroll leisurely from shop to shop instead of running through enormous mall parking lots looking for lost cars.

Shopping is a challenge. The only thing John asked for was a new rechargeable, big, sturdy flashlight for the boat. So I did the Coxen's Hole crawl, from tienda to tienda with my best Spanish, asking for un foco muy grande y recargable (no I haven't looked up the spelling). The clerks love a challenge and they shout down to street to their fellow shop keepers to see if anyone else has my item. Well guess what, after 2 hot hours and a lot of Spanish I came up with exactly 0 flashlights. NONE, NADA!

So another hour and I found the ONLY two pair of boxer shorts that remotely resemble what John like to wear (don't tell).

Signs are slowly emerging advertising turkey dinners, it seems we have several to choose from which is fine by me because cooking a turkey dinner in the boat, besides the fact that there is no turkey for sale in this town, is not fun, especially when it comes to dishes! So we'll wander around and park ourselves somewhere on the sand and eat our turkey and fixings looking out over the million dollar view here in West End. People are wishing each other Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad in the shops and streets today. There is live music at our little Barefoot Beach Bar at our end of the strip tonight so I'll see if I can't keep the Captain awake long enough to take me there.

He bought me the very last carton of eggnog in Coxen's Hole yesterday so I had a couple of rum and egg nogs last night. I thought of all my family and friends and how I miss smelling the wood smoke in Autie Donna's cozy house and seeing the way the lights colour the snow. Yeah I miss snow, well for a few rum enhanced moments anyways.

Tomorrw I will wake with a prayer than the God of Honduras phone lines grants me the chance to speak to my loved ones so listen for your phone!

I love you, I miss you, YOU know who YOU are!

Feliz Navidad


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