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Century plant, in foreground

A cave (is that Cochise in there?)

Rocks at Amerind Museum

More rocks (these things are as big as buildings)

balancing rock

This boulder looked like a face looking up to the sun.

Looking out our front window

We went to Cochise Stronghold on Wed. It is where Cochise and his warriors held off the U.S, Calvary for 12 YEARS! When someone told us that, I thought "yeah right". When we saw it, I could believe that he did. This area is SO vast, and these are not rocks. They are HUGE boulders. Bigger than buildings. The pictures do nothing to show the size and beauty of this area. There is a great campground way back in there. We looked into hosting there, but they said there was a 22 foot limit on the rv, because it is rough road. When we got back there (in the HHR) there were some canadians camping back there in motorhomes as big as ours.

We hiked back into where Cochise camped out, and it is just undescribable. You really have to see it for yourselves.

The next day, we went to a museum we saw on the way to Cochise Stronghold. It is in the middle of nowhere. Like most everything is down here. It is called Amerind Museum. It is a collection of native american artifacts and art works. It was very interesting. The building in itself was very interesting.

Party time is over! (just kidding) We met with Art (park owner), and he showed us what he would like us to do. We are the landscape team. He said, "because we are so young and strong". That's great, cause Sue was stressed that she would have to do computer work. We have no idea how to deal with desert plants, but I went online and did some research. We have been pruning and trimming. It must look good, cause everyone keeps telling us how great it looks. Art has given us free rein as to when we work because, "we are special". Everyone else has a set schedule, but we work when we want. It feels good to be trusted that we will do our jobs. Someone said that we are never at the motorhome, and Art said, "that's because they are always out working". He likes us.

They were taking out a cactus plant, and we thought it would be a good idea to take a slip of it home to plant. WRONG! Sue had gloves on, and still got her hands and arms full of little stickers. She had to go shower, and change clothes.

Oh yeah, if you ever need advise on how to transplant a barrel cactus, let me know. If you are not familiar with one, it is about as round as a 55 gallon barrel and weighs many pounds. It is mostly water. Did I mention it has thorns about 2 inches long? What I had to do is make a harness with a rope, and lift it that way. When you bent the thorns, they actually straighten back up like a finger, and they are very sharp. But, he now has a new home and is very happy (he told me). We found out that they know which direction to the sun that they were facing, and have to be put the same way.

Time to hit the hot tub, and soak these aching muscles. It is great to sit there and look up at the stars.

I know this is getting long, but had to tell you this. We have a golf cart that we drive around. Some other workers were burning brush down in the wash, and it was smelling horrible. I turned around, and it was our golf cart that was on fire. When we put out the fire, and told the mechanic about it, he said, "that is the same one that started on fire last week". HMMM.

More later.

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