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We are home for a season, so this will probably be the last update for awhile. We will send out a notice to let you know when another trip is forthcoming. I would like to close 2008 with some thoughts about where, I believe, we stand in the sands of time.

Eddie Chumney and Yedidah have both told us that what we were led of YHVH to do by making proclamations in the contiguous 48 states was a releasing in the spiritual so a manifestation in the natural could happen. Jeremiah 51 says that we tried to heal Babylon, but she could not be healed. Billions and billions of dollars are trying to fix our failing economy and it is still failing. Gold and silver is rapidly becoming unavailable and those who usually trade in this medium are refusing to release it for trade as they fear they will not get in back. In January and February gold will be in what is called “backwardation.” The Amero currency is already printed and being distributed to our creditors, the plan is to exchange our dollars for Amero’s at a 90% reduction in value. Yes, all of our personal wealth will only be valued at 10 cents on the dollar. Tony Blair has announced that Olmert and Abbas have reached agreements over the division of Israel. Pressure was applied to President Bush to make this happen before his term of office ends as President elect Barack Hussein Obama announced that he plans to support the Arab peace deal in which Israel is pushed back to pre 1967 borders. This means that the parts of Israel that prominently figure in Bible history will no longer be under Israeli sovereignty. This includes the Old City of Jerusalem and most likely King David’s city, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Shechem, Shilo, Hebron and the list goes on. Peres, the President of Israel is on a mission to separate the religious heritage from the land and the people of Israel. If you are a born-again believer in Y’Shua our Messiah then you are grafted into the heritage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you are Israel! Your inheritance is being cast away as a filthy, useless thing, by evil men who do not worship the true YHVH/God of scripture, the One who became flesh and dwelt among men.

Babylon / the United States and those of like mind is fallen. Read Revelation 14, the proclamation we were sent out to proclaim is the second angel’s message, “Babylon is fallen.” The third angel proclaims the mark of the beast. Tough times are at the door. Soon expect to hear a formal announcement about the agreements between Olmert and Abbas for a two-state solution in the land of Israel. As soon as that is put to paper you can expect to see things really begin to heat up. Scripture tells us that the Jews living in the hills of Judea and Samaria, what is called the West Bank will break away and form the new state of Zion, war is also prophesied – Ezekiel 38 and 39 and the collapse of Babylon/ America and those of like mind. These things have to happen so the fulfillment of prophecy can take place culminating in the return of our Messiah.

I want to share with you a revelation, for me, that is most impacting and exciting and empowering. Last week I was part of a week long seminar held in Waco, TX. It didn’t have religious tags to it and in fact was presented by a PhD in Psychology. I had reservations about going but Father made it abundantly clear to me that He had prepared the way and I was to attend so I went. The seminar was awesome, not about “my issues” but “my ideas” and how to stop living in the fog. The last day of the seminar the presenter talked about holograms. A hologram is a three dimensional picture fashioned by laser beams passing through a holographic plate. In a hologram every piece of the holographic plate contains the entire image that is being presented holographically. So if only one beam of light passes through just a piece of the plate the image is still complete, the only difference is that it isn’t as sharply focused or brilliant as if the full force of laser light were directed through the entire plate. Where my mind took this is: The Ruach is the laser beam, Y’Shua is the holographic plate and we are the receptor that the image of Y’Shua is being fashioned on. We might only be able to have one beam of laser light (Ruach) pass through on piece of the holographic plate (Y’Shua) and be fashioned on us, but we still get the entire image, Y’Shua is still whole and complete – He is in us with everything that He is, All Power, All Presence, All Knowing – EVERYTHING! There is no lack. It is then a matter of sharpening the focus, allowing more of the Light to pass through the plate. We do this by being obedient to Joshua 1 – meditate on my words, don’t let them depart from you, and the Light intensifies in us. It is His Light that dispels darkness, it is His Light that Moses radiated when he came down from Sinai, it is the Light that Ahab saw when Elijah stood before him and declared there would be no rain – for Elijah said, “As YHVH, the Elohim of Israel lives, before whom I stand… I submit to you it was this same fullness of Light that John and Peter walked in when they came to the Gate Beautiful and said to the man begging for alms, silver and gold I don’t have but what I do have I give to you, rise up and walk – it is the Light that dispels the darkness and it is this fullness and sharpness of focus that we need in order to walk through these days that are upon us!

For so many years in the Christian church I went from one conference to another, going forward to receive this anointing and that anointing, this healing and that deliverance like The Father is bits and pieces that need to be gathered up to have His wholeness, and because something wasn’t “working” meant I didn’t have it all, yet, so when is the next conference? – how demeaning to Him, how arrogant of us.

How thankful I am that He comes to me as complete, far beyond anything I can know or experience, but that He is ALL here for me, in every capacity. When I search for Him with my whole heart He will be found by me in everything that He is!

My friends, the time is here and it is now, look up for our redemption draweth nigh!

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